02 November 2015

The early days...

Approximately a week after beginning my two challenges, I realized I needed a journal of events. My habits were trees falling in the woods. I needed them to make sounds. Yes, I more or less live by a "pics or it didn't happen" philosophy. I'm okay with that.

October 7
I put broccoli into a smoothie for the first time. I also added peanut butter, chia seeds, bananas, collard greens and some other stuff. The result was magical. Look at me surprised to be enjoying myself.

My lunch meal the first week was rice and a chickpea potato stew. The slow cooker, BTW, is the vegan's friend. I made scalloped potatoes and purchased veggie nuggets for dinner that week.

That's another thing I should note. I didn't want to eat a lot of fake food. Those veggie nuggets were delicious, but I'm not entirely sure what was in them. My goal was not to eat a bunch of pseudo food and pretend to be healthier. I wanted to push myself to cook. Store-bought nuggets were for emergencies. I just happened to have all my emergencies in the same week.

October 8
I wrote that I felt sluggish. It started the night before and might have been "hormonal," as they say when they don't want to say... Well you know.

I wondered if my blood pressure was too low. I wondered if I was missing nutrients or protein. I wondered if I just needed to adjust. I never tried to figure it out. But I did wonder quite a bit.

October 10
Veganism can be a carb trap. Carbs are generally safe and generally available. They're not terrible for you and they give you (or maybe just me)  the feeling of indulging in a guilty pleasure. Carbs are dangerous. Being a vegan increases that tenfold.

Fortunately, I developed a healthy fear of carbs early into the vegan challenge. I realized very quickly how easy it would be to overindulge. I put myself on alert and I honestly think it made a significant difference.

On the 10th, I was offered a bagel for breakfast. I stuck to my smoothie instead and I was proud of myself. It felt good to make the healthier choice. I mean I still had pasta for lunch... But the alternative was pizza. At minimum, it was a start.

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