08 January 2015

Sober October

It may not seem like it, but I'm a little bit sad.
04 October 2014
Though self-imposed and entirely imaginary, the countdown clock hovering over my time in San Francisco was always top of mind. It provided a somber tinge to everything. 

I signed up for my final certification classes, which required me to physically be in San Francisco until early November. (The final final class was online.) I signed up for swimming lessons and got busy getting ready to go. 

I also got a tattoo. It's the smallest, daintiest thing and if you didn't catch it in the light you wouldn't even know it was there. It's healed a lot more since this picture was taken and is exactly what I wanted - a tattoo for me. 

I get that people get tattoos to tell their stories or to show the world what's important to them. But when I first considered getting a tattoo (more than two years ago), I wanted something for me. It never occurred to me to it put somewhere I couldn't see it. And it never occurred to me to get something large or dramatic. Once I learned tattoos done in white basically disappear, I was sold. There are people, places, things and ideas that have impacted shaped or otherwise marked me. I don't think each noun deserves its own tattoo, but I do like the idea of looking down and being able to see a reminder of who and why I am.

October passed pretty quickly. School was intense and I don't think I would have done as well as I did if I'd had a full time job at the same time. I was still writing - though not blogging - and go out - though not drinking. 

It's so interesting to not drink. I would say my friends and I are regular yuppies. We have happy hours and we brunch hard. We have drinks in parks and during festivals and with dinner. The goal is never to get drunk, though the option is always there. I stopped drinking when I got back from the East Coast for a few reasons. Partially, it was in solidarity with Dre, who was under strict doctor's orders. Also, I plumped up in 2014, so fewer calories couldn't hurt. And do you have any idea how much yuppies spend on wine / champagne / cocktails? It's a lot. I mean it's little when compared to rent, but our rents are really high.

23 October 2014
I found, in my case, some people became concerned by my not drinking. It was as if they feared that I was hiding a medical issue. Or that I was suddenly broke. In fact, the only person who noticed and didn't question me was our waitress at trivia. And she knew my Monday drinking habits better than anyone.  

I didn't feel any different in my day to day life - my drinking really hadn't been excessive. Then again, I saved a noticeable amount of money. So take that as you will.
Trampled by Turtles - Oakland, CA
23 October 2014
31 October 2014
The San Francisco Giants won the World Series, which we'll call "unexpected." I went to the parade with Blair. He worked with me in Las Vegas. He lives here now, and since we both grew up in Pennsylvania, this is third state we've shared. That's an odd fact but it is what it is.

Neither of us are huge baseball fans, but we are fans of this city and of that feeling that overwhelms it when our team baseball team dominates. It was a much different story in 2010, so I was really glad to be making happy memories.
Life is strange in the very best way.

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