03 January 2015

July... Mostly In Pictures!

02 July 2014

I can't think of any epiphanies or otherwise significant discoveries that happened in July. It was a pleasantly unremarkable month.  

I started the month laughing with Cate. Later this same day, I laughed with Paula, but didn't take a picture. I'm pretty sure I was distracted by cheese at the time. 

Much of July was spent in my own home. Cate would come over before she went to work. We would make breakfast and solve the world's problems. My second most frequent guest was Jesse's girlfriend, Yrama. I can't tell you when exactly we became friends, but it happened and it's not weird at all. Ask anyone. We're a riot. I enjoy her. And since we had similar "schedules" in July, we spent a lot of time together. My parents thought it was strange - then they looked in a mirror and shut their faces. It works. That's all that matters. 
04 July 2014

One day, I had a craving for sourdough. Unlike a normal person who would go to a store, I decided to make my own - fully realizing it would be at least five days before I would be able to eat it.  I found a recipe on the Internet and went about become a baker like Joel. No. I didn't consult Joel first. I wanted to surprise him with "look at my loaf!" No. We never got that far.

Flour + water.

This is wrong. But don't ask me how.

Then things went horrible wrong. I followed the recipe and stirred my dough in a mixer before squishing it into a ball. Everything about the ball was wrong. It was too dense. It was also too crumbly. I baked it anyway - in case there was science that my brain had so far failed to realize. The results were awful as expected.

Jesse had been following my breadscapades and in a deceptive gesture of support, gifted me the Tartine Bread book. It seemed like an unnecessarily nice thing to do - but in actuality, I was a pawn. 

Yes, Jesse bought the book. And yes, he gave that book to me. But really, he was only letting me hold it and get used to it so he could steal it later. This is a proven thing he does, as evidenced by his absconding with another book he had gifted me years ago. No. I had not read the book. But the gifting was never conditional upon my reading it. So. He's a thief. I digress. 

I used the book and tried again. But after five days, my leaven did not float. By this time I had brought Joel in on my shenanigans and he recommended I keep feeding and keep trying. But the waste was starting to bother me. I was throwing away half my starter every day. It seemed excessive. My craving for sourdough was never satisfied. I gave the book to Jesse a few months later and I'm not sure if I'll even return to the world of recreational bread making.

I ate chicken & waffles on a stick while waiting to play mini golf.
We got Christine out of her comfort zone.
I drank drinks.
We created inside jokes and took a not-so-great selfie.
My brother called out what he saw as my frivolity.
Well, we almost made it friends. We almost had an entire month of Danie at home. But on 31 July, I went to Colorado.

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