09 December 2014

More Booze. More Laughs.

It's possible to find a select few people who will tell you that I am too nice. This is not something I feel about myself, but it is something I've been told whilst complaining about a decision already made.
8 March 2014
The cat stalks the dog.

In early March 2014, I found myself both cat and dog sitting when I should have been enjoying a quiet weekend with +Netflix. The dog was Cooper, child of Cate. The cat was Whisky, child of the girlfriend of a guy who sometimes comes to trivia. (I'm starting to realize trivia is more trouble than it's worth.)

I like animals, and I like these animals. I had no delusions they would like each other. They're both shy. They're both curious. They're both used to being the four-legged star of their respective shows. They both like to cuddle.

Whisky chased Cooper until he made it clear he was not to be creeped upon. They slept on either side of my body and I only woke up to two territory disputes. I don't know what to tell you. That cat is a creeper.

15 March 2015

Melissa the Producer came to town for dinner in mid-March. I don't know where she was when we last saw her, but she's no longer a producer (but still keeps the same tag) and she lives in California with me. By "with me" I mean up north and not in San Francisco. Also, Melissa isn't just "Melissa" anymore. She's now "Melissa and Trevor." They have a long tale that includes two first dates but I don't judge.

The visited. I guided them to a neighborhood with available street parking and we ate dinner without having to wait in line. It was the most un-San Francisco of experiences.

We later ended up at a bar that was having a cachaça promotion. Cachaça is the main ingredient in caipirinhas - the official drink of Brazil. As I had recently become a huge cachaça fan, I was excited. And then I was bummed. Because South America.

20 March 2014

A few days after that, I had what was simply called a March Party. It was going to become a thing - a homemade happy hour where I could catch up with friends and host - because I do love to host. 

This particular party had somewhat of a motive and I'm reminded some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. (See what I did there?) 

Although now that I see this picture so close to a similar picture from the previous month, I realize I need another way to say "many people consumed much wine." I'll work on that.

23 March 2014

Before the end of March and (yes,) another trip, I found myself belting Britney Spears for a group of strangers.

I'm not going to say I love karaoke as much as I love trivia. But I do love karaoke. Lisa also love karaoke. And I can safely say she loves it more than trivia.

We have pretty good karaoke game here in the city. Sometimes I'll schedule an event where unattached groups of my friends get together in private rooms and bond over ballads. There are also lounges where you can come in, merge with a microphone and be on your way. Diversity is the spice of life.

All in all, March was a good month - meaning one full of friends and laughter and minimal frustrations. Then it got even better.

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