31 December 2014

Life Kept Happening

Being unemployed didn't change much of my day to day life - especially since I plan my events pretty far in advance.

2 May 2014

I went to happy hour with Cate & the crew. It's something we used to do more of when Jason lived here. My friends and I have built this fantastic network of convenient friends. Essentially, people who have (on at least one occasion) had the same availability. "Oh, you should come with me, because my friend is having a thing at [time]." Separate strong friendships have formed from these random meetings. And I'm happy to have facilitated them.

In a #ClassicDanie move, I had to leave happy hour to head to the airport.
In which I realize how much weight I've gained.

Tab was due for a baby shower. That's right, while I was dipping my toes in the pool of uncertainty, my friends just went on with their significant life moments. For that, I was thankful. I like to be able to keep things in perspective. Tab & Mike's excitement and encouragement were grounding. Also, I love babies! Tab and I scuttled about, getting massages and discussing nursery decorations. Our trio ate Chinese and discovered the beauty that is Sex Sent Me to the ER. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and went to see Spiderman. Aside from Peter Parker, I'd say it was good baby showering.

Life kept happening. I boxed. I explored leads on jobs. I went to see OAR with Andy, Jesse & Yrama.

I've known Andy almost as long as I've lived in the Bay Area. I consider myself the sister he never knew he wanted. We've had similar profound life experiences. We have good notes to compare.

With Andy @ The Independent 05.09.14
I kept thinking I would find the place to re-introduce Jesse. But we're already in May and I haven't. Jesse and I started being regular normal friends maybe two years ago. As is typical with us, it was a weird process. Boundaries had to be drawn and respected. But we're in a really good place now and I'm honestly happy everything worked out the way it did. I had to think about typing that, because 2010 Danie would beat me for even thinking that. But 2014 Danie stands by her words.

Basically forcing me to commit to painting.

I decided to paint my living room. It was an idea I'd been exploring since South America, and suddenly I had the time. It must be noted that deciding to paint is not the same thing as actually painting. I had already painted that room once, and it was annoying. I was eager for it to be done. But I was not at all eager to do it. I happily let life get in the way of that.
There was a heat wave.
I found myself on the beach on a Wednesday.
West Coast. Best Coast. 05.14.14
It's Paula! Bay to Breakers 05.18.14
Trivia 05.19.14
Nitin Cate Ron Me Christine & Andy
Comstock Saloon 05.23.14
If ever I needed two pictures to bring me joy, one would show my family, and the other would be this one. These are THE people. This is my trusted circle. These are the smiles that give me the deepest and warmest warm and fuzzies. These are my best Bay Area friends. Together, we're a Benetton ad adorable!

It's also really hard to get us all in one place, so kudos on that. Seriously - this meeting hasn't happened since.

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