31 December 2014

Danie goes to Boston

28 March 2014

I went to Boston. I had no choice. We were having a bachelorette party - and I never miss a party.

Abby was the reason for the season - really the only reason that brings both Tab and me to the East Coast at the same time. The actual trip was uneventful and pretty soon, Ab, Tab and I were bustling about making foods, cleaning things and (for me at least) saying the things that are only said when you're at complete comfort.
"You've got to ease her back into you. You can go "Full Danie" on the first day." - Tabitha
But what is Danie if not honest?
And what are friends if not forgiving? 

Abby's bachelorette was the first time we'd all been together in a while. It's one thing to check in via e-mail and it's another to see your friends in their new natural environments. It's like when you visit your parents and they look you over. They know what they should expect, but they look to make sure it's really there. As we were in Boston, we looked at Abby's life. Personally, I worry she takes on too much at the expense taking care of herself. There are people who would say the same thing about me but - at this moment - those people are irrelevant. I was in Boston to study celebrate Abby and part of that involved making sure she remembered her own importance. 

So we got our nails done. It's really the only way to get Abby to sit still. It's even better if you get her to go first. Then she has to sit there (purse on and keys out) while your nails dry. It's the most polite torture I can imagine. 

We ran errands and did some amazing shopping. We discussed secret friend things and we made promises that I'm pretty sure we haven't kept. It wasn't the relaxing deep breath I had imagined we would have. But it was apparently the flurry of activity that we needed. 

Abby's parents and aunt came that night. Tab and I bonded with Abby's dad in the age old tradition of making a liquor store run. We assembled bridal shower favors, ate nachos and feasted on homemade guacamole. It was perfect. 

29 March 2014

No really. We had to take it down.
More friends arrived and we moved the party to a hotel downtown. It was time for Abby to hang out with the group and for Tab and me to do the little extra things that organizers do. For example, we decorated until hotel security confronted us with its "rules." We chilled champagne and set up the games before getting ready. 

The bachelorette party had all the best elements, including a loud, delicious dinner. We introduced Abby's mom and aunt to Tinder. We wore tiaras and danced in a circle to songs no one else wanted to hear. I had a blast, and so did Abby. 

We packed up the next day and headed to the hotel lobby for a bridal shower brunch. We said our goodbyes afterward and the weekend wrapped without the usual sadness of "who knows when I'll see you again."  

And I think that's the best part of a bachelorette parties. Knowing you're going to see all the same fun people for the wedding makes leaving seem less like "goodbye," and more like "I'll see you on the dance floor at the reception." 

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