02 December 2014

Back to Reality

I pride myself on being good at staying in touch. So far, I've done a poor job of that in 2014. This year has been significantly less fabulous than years past. I'm not one to glamorize the unglamorous. Nor am I one to seek support during my challenges. It's not that I suffer alone - I simply do not suffer. No matter what happens, I know my problems are temporary and that at some point, everything will work itself out.

Still, I'm preparing for an upswing and you won't be able to appreciate it if you don't know where I've been. And I really want you to appreciate it. So standby a high level recapitulation of the year thus far.

January 2014

I returned from South America with questions. Mainly, why was my Fitbit not working? Where was my mail? What did staffing changes at work mean for me? How much was that trip really going to cost after the final tally? When was I going to have time to get my hair done?

As I look back at what really mattered to me in January, I'm jealous. I'd love to go back to being able to apply the formula of "problem + resources = solution" without anyone else's input. 'Twas a simpler time.  

18 January 2014
I love my hair. I love that it's bouncy and curly and that I know what it needs in order to grow and be healthy. I also love to play in my hair, which never helps and only hurts.

So I've been keeping it twisted for the last two years. It's been great for my hair's health and for my personal convenience. Still, I love my real hair, and I play with it every chance I get. When I got back from South America, I left it out for a few days - but eventually I had to put it away.

24 January 2014
A good friend and neighbor moved away in January. It reminded me of the nature of the news business. There was a time when I was accustomed to people moving away every year. We were in smaller markets looking for bigger opportunities. Moving was inevitable. But even after, we kept tabs on each other through social media or just general gossip. After a while, it stopped being sad... until Jason up and went to SoCal.

When I moved to San Francisco and decided that I wanted to stay here, I assumed everyone else felt the same. But circumstances change and new opportunities are still shiny. On a positive note, parties are fantastic.

25 January 2014
It took more than a week for me to get my accumulated mail - which included my new debit card. I was not pleased.

25 January 2014
+Fitbit Heard my pleas and replaced my busted Fitbit. I had only had it for a few months and I did not realize how attached to it I was until I didn't have. My little wrist felt naked without it and I admit to wearing it whilst knowing it was dead - just in case it started working. #DreamBig

Overall, January was good. I learned lessons about travel (try to bring just two bags, research places you might not want to visit, add PINs to your credit cards) and about friendships. Even though Ang and I stressed each other, nothing changed for us. At the same time, someone I had considered a friend showed me otherwise. Basically, it's important to value the people who value me.

There were changes at work that were scary in an exciting way. I was primed for possibility, which seemed to be right on schedule. January is my favorite month because of my birthday it symbolizes a crisp freshness. It's over before most people think to appreciate it, and that's okay. It just makes January all the more mine for the savoring.

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