30 November 2014

To the jungle! Iguazu, Argentina

3 January 2014

We left Buenos Aires in a pretty unremarkable fashion. We went to an airport (not the same one where the debit card was swallowed). We boarded two different flights that took off and landed within minutes of each other. We arrived in Iguazu, Argentina, side by side.

The most adorable way to arrive anywhere. #Fact

We left the airport and took a pretty long shuttle ride to our hotel. Once we got there, we had more space than we could manage.

Our bungalow had beds for nine.

The pool, because it wasn't wet enough.

It looked so much smaller from the outside.

We basically had the place to ourselves.
We only had one thing we had to do (Iguazu Falls), and we figured we only needed one night (and two days) to do it. The first day was for "arriving." Ang took her favorite kind of pictures - the kind that don't feature people. I checked in at work and on the Internet. Ang took a nap. We ate a pizza. It was a really great travel day. Transportation worked as it was supposed to and our agenda was clear. Though we did nothing for most of the day, I had a blast.

Then it was time to party.

Remember John? He also went to Iguazu after Buenos Aires and was in town when we arrived. We met up with him that night for a night of drinking and dancing that reminded me of living in Vegas. I had no worries. I made new friends on the dance floor. I felt loved. It was the kind of night I didn't want to end. Yes, I had an early morning of sightseeing ahead of me. And yes, Angie was responsible and went back to the hotel at a decent hour. Still, I just wanted to dance.

With Richard & John, at Cuba Libre
Good times!
I got back to the hotel with almost two hours before sightseeing. Never say I'm not a woman of my word. I passed out (fully dressed) on one of the many beds. I remember having happiness in my heart and a smile on my face.

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