30 November 2014

A morning wasted

2 January 2014

Overcast, but dry.
It rained. It rained hard. We woke up on our last full day in Buenos Aires and it was pouring. Personally, I love the rain. I find it cleansing and (in some instances) refreshing. The rain in Buenos Aires dropped the temperature by at least 20 degrees, so this was definitely one of those instances. Still, we had plans (to stop at the Obelisk and pop over to Uruguay) and rain just did not fit in our itinerary.

Dollar, dollar bills y'all
We tried to wait it out. There are of course worse things than hanging out in an air conditioned apartment in Buenos Aires. But time was not on our side. I had to go get cash and we had an early afternoon ferry trip scheduled. We decided to skip the Obelisk altogether and meet at the ferry terminal. (Ang had had enough of Western Union and I was confident enough to make the trek alone.)

Interesting travel note: traffic lights in Buenos Aires give you a warning before they turn green, as well as before they turn red. I suppose it's an additional warning for pedestrians and might prevent people from stomping on the gas pedal in eagerness. I'm not sure, but I thought it was cool and I was able to take a picture of it.

Illy coffee shop,
Buqebus terminal,
Buenos Aires.
I grabbed a coffee at the ferry terminal and inhaled it as quickly as I could. Our ferry to Uruguay was scheduled to leave at 12:45 and it was almost noon by the time we got through customs. It looked as though people had just started lining up to board and we were about to set sail for an entirely different country. I'd like to note we felt good about our timing, and spirits were high.

We started making our way to our proper boarding area and realized we couldn't find the end of the line. Even though there were hundreds of people sitting in the middle of the terminal, the boarding line snaked all the way around the perimeter. We found a spot and casually integrated ourselves. We couldn't really see where the start of the line was, but it didn't matter. Obviously we'd start moving when the boat started boarding. 

Only the boat didn't start boarding. And we didn't start moving. We stood there as 12:45 turned into 1:15. Someone else tried to casually integrate into our spot, and drew a bit of unwanted attention. We were forced to the way, way back of the line. Ultimately, it still didn't matter. More than an hour after we were supposed to be on our way, nothing had changed. There was no boat. There was no boarding. There were no announcements, We met some Americans while we waited and talked about all the places we had each visited. Ang is a sponge for stuff like that. She basically plans to go everywhere, so she's always looking for places to go once she's arrived. 

Also of note about my good pal Angie - she's impatient. There's something very "NYC hustle" about my friend who lives in what I think of as a vacation destination. Waiting is not Ang's forte. She was wearing her "worried impatience" look, which is not to be confused with her "worried" look, or her "impatient" look. Don't get me wrong, the ferry was two hours behind schedule. I wasn't sure if it was even coming. There was a Argentine protest (read: an agitated slow clap of frustration) and there were a lot of grumbles. For us, the delay obviously meant we would have even less time in Uruguay, because we did have to ferry back to Argentina. It was early afternoon on our last day there and we hadn't accomplished anything. Calling it "unsatisfying" doesn't seem to be enough but that's really what it was. And our only recourse was to keep waiting. 

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