26 August 2014

A Simple Start

1 January 2014

The situation will make itself clear through more posts, but 2014 has been the most challenging year of my life. I write that without the slightest hesitation or exaggeration. Once I'm done with the fun and exciting start to the year, I hope to get to the real stuff - the things that have been top of mind and weighing heavily on my heart. It's been tough personally and professionally. (And really, what else is there?) Every now and then, when I take stock of the current state of my life, I think back to the first day of the new year. And I'm reminded of that time I broke a mirror. 

We had a very light agenda for the first day of the new year - attend a Tango show. I went for a walk in the early afternoon looking for a place where I might get more cash. The Internet told me there were four within a five block radius. We should all remember that the Internet lies. Some of the places existed, some did not. None of them were open.

A friendly creepy taxi driver followed me for a few blocks, literally crisscrossing the streets along my walk trying to get me into his cab. I don't know if he thought I was kidnappable or just gullible, but he persisted even after I told him it wasn't going to happen. I lost him by backtracking and turning down a one-way street. Otherwise, it was a great day for a walk.

We spent part of the afternoon by the pool and the day passed without incident. We got ready for the show, mapped our route and headed to the subway. The tiny mirror I kept in my wallet jumped out and smashed itself on the ground. There really is no other explanation for it. I had opened my wallet several times before without incident. But on this once occasion, I somehow lost control and in the process lost my little mirror. I consider myself mildly superstitious. Still, at the time of said mirror breaking, I hadn't yet decided how I felt about having luck, good or bad. Eight months later, I still don't.

We happened upon a love wall.
I don't know if this was an art display. I kind of hope it wasn't. 

We made our way to a very lovely hotel, where we and other tourists gathered in the lobby to await shuttles to SeƱor Tango, tourist trap to the Tango novices. There was one other woman there who had hurt her toe on some rogue concrete, which I thought was amusing. The shuttle came, took us to the show, and we were seated. It didn't seem very far from where we started, but it was definitely not a place where we would have ventured on our own.

Testing camera settings.
The crowd. 
The Pope.
The show started with Tango through the ages a man riding a horse. I'm sure there was some significance, but it didn't make sense to me that this dance troupe paid for a horse that only had maybe five minutes of stage time. I mean yes, the horse got my attention. But I was already paying attention. 

The start. 
The horse, of course.
We got to what I think was the 19th century before a waiter shut down Ang's photo operation.
She just looked too professional.
The show was dramatic. It was very colorful and probably too over the top for the Tango enthusiasts. But we saw nothing wrong with being over the top. The dancers were magical and since I don't remember exactly what I paid for the ticket / transportation, I dare say it was worth the price. 

There was a very dramatic version of "Don't cry for me Argentina" at the end.
Blue and white streamers fell from the ceiling.

We took the shuttle back to the hotel and a cab back to our apartment. It was probably the least stressful of our days in Argentina and it was lovely. 

Then came the rain.

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