15 March 2014

Getting To The End | South America 2013

"Let's dance the last dance."
I want to start here, at the end. I want to get to the part of the story that lands us on a beach with new friends and perfect memories. But if I start there, you won't get it. The significance will be lost on you. As it is, you won't feel what I felt. I mean if you've also sang Donna Summer on a beach in Rio with Argentinians you might get it. Then again, you might not.

I want you to get a sense of what I was feeling at this moment. And for that, I have to take you to the beginning.

Angie & I decided to take a trip. I'm pretty sure it stemmed from talks we had in New Zealand. We decided to take trips together every two years. At the time it was a great idea. Two years later, I realize friend travel was nothing short of brilliant. I don't know if you guys have friends, but I do. And they are (in the best way possible) a huge time suck. Friends get married. Girlfriends have babies. Families have holidays. I love people. I like to be a part of their happiest times. I like accumulating airline miles. I travel. I always have a great time and create fabulous memories. But their not mine.

"I met Lauren at Joel & Michelle's wedding." 
"I discovered my hatred of cake pops at Abby's baby shower." 
"I haven't been to In N Out since after Jenn & Allen's wedding." 

I have a good time everywhere I go. Just on someone else's terms. Taking a trip with Angie was to be on our terms. It was for us - for no other reason than because we could. The idea was very liberating.

When it was time for 2013 travel, Angie pitched Central America followed by a few days at an all inclusive resort in Mexico. By the time we booked, we were going to South America and there was a hostel involved. Life is funny that way.

Ang booked everything. She picked the itinerary and arranged the travel. She coordinated with all the hotels & hostels. This was strategic laziness of my part. Neither Argentina nor Brazil were on my bucket list. I didn't have a burning desire to see or do anything. If left up to me, we would have had a couple of days of guided tours followed by spa time. That's not how Angie operates.

First of all, she's wanted to go to Brazil for a really long time. It was on her bucket list. She had read and researched and interviewed her friends that had been and read reviews and absorbed as much as she could. She knew where she wanted to be and what she wanted to see. I wanted to have my passport stamped and I wanted to dance. It made sense to me that the person with the passion do the planning. So. Angie booked everything. I used my super power of organization to create an itinerary for our parents. Shortly after Christmas 2013, we were on our way.

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