15 March 2014

Getting Out of The Country | South America 2013

26 December 2013 

I woke up pretty far from home, in Atherton, California. I had spent Christmas Day with my friend Lisa and her family. We drank wine and played Trivial Pursuit. 'Twas nothing short of grand. That morning, I slept in way later than intended and took a late morning train back to San Francisco.

I got back to the city and sprinted home to pack had a nice leisurely lunch with Jenn & Allen. With fewer than 12 hours before my shuttle to the airport, I finally got down to loading my suitcase started taking down my hair. At nine hours before shuttle, I picked up a prescription. I talked to my parents and yes, stuffed a lot of things into a suitcase. I emptied my DVR and cleaned my apartment. The shuttle arrived as I set the last dish out to dry. I prayed (for safety and against gas leaks) and set out to make memories on my on terms.

27 December 2013

I left San Francisco on a 6AM flight to Atlanta. I had a five hour layover. I had three hours before Angie even arrived. I used the time to get myself used to the loaner phone I had for the trip. I downloaded the apps I needed (Viber, Facebook), tested WiFi based communication with my mom and made sure I was saving the pictures properly (on an SD card).

That all took about a half hour. I ate for another 15 minutes and asked a friend of mine who lives in Atlanta if she ever kills by just sitting at the airport. I was only half joking. She was all business. By the time I finished eating and washed my hands, Jennifer was looking for parking.

Coit Tower, San Francisco
August 2010
Jenn & I worked together in Las Vegas. I hadn't seen her since August 2010, when we were young, adorable and taking selfies before they were cool.

A lot of things have changed since then. We live in different places and have different jobs. But we still laugh at goofy things and are generally adorable. We also still take selfies.

ATL, December 2013
I took seeing Jenn as a great sign for the trip. A random idea that turned into an actual meeting. I thought it would portend more of the same... only with new friends. Excitement accrued.

Angie arrived and joined us for a drink. We then went back through security. Ang had dinner. We bought our in-flight snacks. We charged our devices and before I knew it, we were boarding.

Last photo in the USA
ATL, December 2013
Not much happened on the flight. We watched (different) movies. I ate bland, low sodium airplane food. I also ate enough (salted) peanuts to make my gallbladder burn as well as enough Twizzlers to satisfy my craving. We flew and we flew and we flew until we landed.

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