19 December 2012

Let's Shower This Baby (iii)

7 December 2012

"Danie! It's 11AM!" - Tab 
"What?! Is that east coast time?" - me

Tab & I apparently had a very restful evening. Once we got back from the airport, we all got ready for bed. We caught up - mostly just by looking at each other and giggling. Abby asked us to be in her wedding. We squealed. Tab took some heavy duty meds and we crashed for nearly 11 hours. We awoke in a cozy cave, where (based on nothing at all) I assumed it was maybe 9AM. Abby & her mom were already out getting Abby's hair cut... because it was 11:00AM in reality. Tab & I got ready in time for their return. We synchronized our to do lists and embarked on the one thing that was at the top of all our lists. We went to Wegmans.

"Wake up."
I can't describe Wegmans if you haven't been. And if you've been, you don't need to be reminded. We browsed and we ate. Then we dawdled. In reality, that was probably the best part. I watched Abby march pregnantly up and down the aisles looking for water - but not Wegmans water, because that tastes funny.  Every now and then Tab & I would look at each other and try to wrap our brains around what was really happening. Our dynamic was changing. Okay. Maybe that's not what Tab was thinking - though I suspect it was.

The advice starts early. 
A little Abby is coming. She'll be the first of us, the eldest of the psuedo-cousin band that we'll produce. We're always going to worry about her and tell her to do well in school. We're not going to let her talk to boys (or girls, if that's what she's into) or spend too much time on the Internet. We're going to be Aunt Tab & Auntie Danie. Yes, I already have a nephew and a niece. I don't know why this feels different, but it does. It feels more serious. It may be because I talk to Ab & Tab more than I talk to my brother. I don't know. The point is, seeing Abby and being with her & Tab in Wegmans made it significantly more real.

We shopped. We hit Michael's. We went to campus and (I) bought a lot of IC paraphernalia. We got home and started assembling and decorating.
My friends are adorably short.

One bucket of margaritas, down.
Poofs for the hanging.

Mr. Abby's Dad made dinner, while Mrs. Abby's Mom rearranged the shower area for maximum entertainment.  We took a break to eat, them kicked it into high gear with the cake pops.

Remember a few posts ago, when I said I would go speed dating again? Keep that in mind when I say this; I will never make cake pops again. It's just... It's not natural. First we found out we didn't have all the ingredients. We couldn't use just cake mix. We had to add pudding mix. Then we realized one box of cake mix (+ one box of pudding mix) makes way too much batter for a cake pop serving pan. We removed some, but it was apparently not enough.

I was really trying...
The instructions said to start from the middle.
"They're too full."
"It would be funny if we looked in the oven and they were exploding out of the top..."
But I was wrong. It was not funny. It was very, very not funny. I mean yes, we laughed and ate the excess... the first time. But we were out to make approximately 72 cake pops. No, I don't know why we planned on more than 70 cake pops for 15 people, but we did. And at the rate we were operating, we were never ever going to get to bed. We were never going to get to painting eggs or making sandwiches or any of the other stuff we had to do. The cake pop situation grew grave, causing some serious delirium. Margaritas didn't help. Lionel Richie didn't help. Abby laying sideways saying "I want to help" didn't help. We just had to tough it out - while also throwing away one batch of batter and turning the very last batch into mini cupcakes.

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