22 November 2012


First off, some full disclosure: I'm still in bed. It's just about 7:30AM here in San Francisco. While I don't have anywhere to be until 3:30, waking up seemed like the thing the to do. Getting up, not so much. But waking up, absolutely.

I was going to write 'it's rare I wake up so cheery,' but that's increasingly not the case. I've been waking up early, happy and motivated for nearly two weeks. The secret is simple: vegetables. It's been two weeks since I really committed to losing this weight. I did a detox using vegetable juices (instead of just lemon juice & maple syrup) and that made an enormous difference. I'm not going to go into details, because this post is not about that. Still, it must be noted that I feel great. I'm down more than ten pounds and even though the detox is over, I'm moving forward with a deeper knowledge of what my body needs. In a word, beets.

This post is about Thanksgiving. Actually it's about "thankfulness." I don't know where to begin, I'm so full of thanks.

My family is beyond. We have squabbles like any other family, but at our core, we're nothing short of hilarious. It all comes from my parents. My silly, silly parents. We laugh hard and we laugh often. We absolutely stop laughing every so often to yell and argue. But then (in a fit if rage) someone says something ridiculous, and a new catchphrase is born. I guess I'm thankful for exactly that. We keep perspective. We take the issues seriously. But when something is funny, it cannot be ignored.

I have great friends. Friends with whom I can be honest or curt. They accept me and my idiosyncrasies. I have trouble asking for help. I just do not do it. However, I do rest assured that if I did need something, I would have support.

I don't have to work today. I don't have to work today! If you haven't worked holidays for your adult life, you don't get how monumental that is. I've been able to exercise my passions as they've shifted. Not everyone has that opportunity, so I will not take it for granted.

I worked from home yesterday. I was able to cook a few things which I will be taking to two Thanksgiving dinners today. Below you see a cranberry bourbon relish, which I only made out of curiosity. But believe me, its totally worth sharing.

Alright. It's nearly 8AM and I have things I hope to accomplish. I have a casserole to bake and lemon bars to cut. I also need to get to the gym, do some laundry and clean my apartment.

I'm going to start with breakfast.

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