17 September 2012

A Trip to Dayna's House

Every so often - perhaps every other year - a friend of mine asks me to be a guest blogger on their site. I find the offer to be wonderfully exciting. I mean you guys choose to come here. You choose to read me, mostly because you know me. I'm constantly amazed that you care to read what I think. Guest blogging takes that a step further. To be asked to be a guest is to be invited into someone's house. It means someone trusts me enough to yield a blog post to me. They expect I'll have something interesting to say. They trust I won't disappoint their readers. That's huge. And I take the responsibility seriously. First came a post for Brian Allen, then came Find Me Frugal(er). Now comes Hold The Phone, my friend Dayna's blog. I tried to write about myself. But you'll see that didn't happen. 

When Dayna asked me to be a guest blogger, it took me a whole night to decide on a topic. I woke up the next day with a clear subject matter in mind. I decided to write about myself. Honestly, it's a fascinating topic, about which I am the foremost expert on the planet. I was going to write about being selfish, versus being self indulgent. I've been feigning selfishness lately, while being self indulgent. I mean to say instead of doing what's best for me (selfish) I've been doing only what I want to do (indulgent). I'm not proud of myself, or of my new habits. I planned to regale you with examples to clarify my intent, and to show you where I failed.

This post is not that.

Instead, this post will tell you a tale, possibly showing you more about me than declarative sentences ever could.

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