01 November 2011

The Best Time I Did Not Want To Have | Halloween 2011

Clueless. Halloween '08
Sometime in my adult life, I developed a love of Halloween. It may have something to do with my love of cartoons and other fun things. It may not. It probably does. This year, for the first time since arriving here in 2008, I decided not to got to Vegas for Halloween. I suppose it was because time inevitably changes things. People stop having parties. People stop being friends. Airfare triples. And still, the party must go on. This year I was intent on bringing said party to the Bay. It was not going to be an easy task. I work with a lot of people who pride themselves on keeping friendships strictly within the confines of the building. It's a social hindrance at best; realistically a sociological anomaly fit for a study. Still as October came to a close, I decided there was time to do something awesome. And like magic, two people appeared out of the long, drab, hallway. They brought ideas and enthusiasm for days. We came up with themed, group costume. We started recruiting group members and looking for parties. I would say we had a solid week of planning and discussions. And then I (yes I) tried to pull the plug. 

For reasons you either know or you don't, I was bummed. I was beyond bummed. I was stay-in-bed-all-morning, life-lamentingly depressed. Not even my mom could cheer me up, which is serious business. I did not want to go out for Halloween. I might have agreed to dress up for a dive bar with a medium-sized crowd where I could go unnoticed for most of the night. The Halloween committee was leaning toward a big party with a DJ and fog machines and flashing lights. The week before Halloween involved a lot of messages, first with me saying I didn't care where we went, then with me saying I would rather not go to a party at all. I know the messages were delivered. They were just not heeded. 

I received a text notification my ticket to a party at the W Hotel had been purchased. I offered to pay for it, but not actually go. I was told I actually would be going, and that flaking was not an option. I scoffed at the committee attempts to bully me. I mean I'm Danie. I don't get bullied. Usually.

Committee Member Jess (5 feet of intimidation) told me she and Committee Member Jason would be at my apartment Saturday at 6. There was a definite "you are hosting the pre-party" tone. I use every polite rejection I could muster. I told her I was not fun, that I did not want to go out. I told her I was just not in the mood. It was as if I hadn't said anything at all. She said she was bringing the booze and to make sure I had food. Halloween was happening, whether I liked it or not.
Committee Member Jason asked if two other people could come. And just like that, I was having a party. I did my part. I made my snacks. Jason et al did their part, arriving at 6. The trouble (and you could really hinge the night on this) came from Jess & the booze. They were late. And we just had to start drinking. 

Jason & Jess
You know what they say about liquor and beer. You know what they say about beer and liquor. You know what you don't know? Where wine fits on that scale. In waiting for Jess, we started going through what we had in my apartment. Prince William & Kate Middleton brought a bottle of wine. The pirate brought juice. I had vodka and bourbon. Seeing it typed out, there's no way the night was going to end well. But, well, you know what they say about hindsight.

What? You don't have shot glasses that light up? Lame.
Food! We ate, like responsible adults.
We went through the wine first. That made sense. Right? We ate nachos. As the only bourbon drinker, I drank (a half bottle of) that, while the pirate, the prince, and the princess drank (a half bottle of) vodka. We ate chicken. We ate spinach and cheese pillows. We laughed. Jess arrived, with a fresh bottle of the same (delicious) vodka. We took shots. Did I say we laughed? Because we did. We had fun. I told Jess she was right to bully me, and that I did need a good time. I relaxed. The night got away from us. To be clear, by "night," I mean 3 hours. From 6 to 9, we (we five, bold souls) went through a bottle of wine, a half bottle of Bulleit, and 1.5 bottles of Absolut SF. We were ready for outside, we thought. We were too smart to pay for overpriced drinks. We were going to dance the night away for the price of admission and nothing more. We went out to hail taxis. And here is where things start to get blurry. And queasy.

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  1. Where are the robot cubes? I do hope you've been using them. Also, I'm drunk right now! Yay for booze! That'll be the moral of part II, yes?