08 October 2011

I've Turned Off The Television

Well. Most of the most awesome television shows have finally ended their seasons. I did not mean to get caught up. But I did. And I am not ashamed. Clever writing is alive and well friends, though mostly on SyFy. I mean I knew Warehouse 13. But that led me to Alphas, which led me to Haven. Somehow Being Human joined the party and I suddenly had something to fill those hours when I was supposed to be sleeping. Every time I tried to ween myself off, I would catch a commercial or a repeat.  Then, the finales came. With them came some of the best plot twisting cliff hangers I can ever remember seeing. So, dear Syfy, my DVR and I will be back.

But allow me to be clear. I do not want to paint myself as a shut in / couch potato. I haven't been this active since college. And for those of you who weren't there, I assure you, I was an enthusiastic worker bee in a hive of productivity. Nope. No laziness here. Instead I've been having (glorious) exploits. And (in case you think as little of me as my parents) "exploits" neither connotes nor infers sex. Exploits are just fun. They also make great for stories. It is here, remaining readers, where I failed you. I did not tell you about The Artist, The Barista, The Engineer, The Ex-Navy Etch A Sketch Guy, or The Solar Guy. I did not share the insightful debacle involving the The Director. And you won't read about The Musician, unless he gives me the okay. But there are stories folks. Great ones that show what I imagine to be the eternal struggle between men and women on the relationship front. It's been highly entertaining. 

I've spent more time considering friendships, abandoning those that require me to put forth any more than 50% of the total effort. It's liberating. It's allowed me to really appreciate the friends I do have, who are truly an amazing sort. I've set a laser-like focus on my 30th birthday. It's the deadline for the loose ends that need tying and the goals that need reaching. It's a few months away and I have supreme confidence in myself to start 30 resting on my feats. Don't you?

I am a proud student of the University of Self-Awareness. I've discovered my own wiles and I have enjoyed testing them, to a point; one should never use their powers for evil. It's lovely for a construction worker to want to buy my coffee, but altogether unnecessary if the barista doesn't charge me anyway. That happened. Once.

My vodka and rum preferences have been replaced by those for gimlets (The Bartender!) and bourbon. I have conceded to the societal dictates that have me wearing two or three pairs of shoes in a day. I recognize the actual value of paying that much for a shirt. I am quieter, more demure observant. It's less about showing the world I can, and more about seeing what happens if I let you. I've changed and the world around me has reacted favorably. I feel this is something you should know. I'm not here to make lofty promises about sharing more exploits. As mentioned I have a lot going on. And I'm not here to simply allude to the fun you've missed. I hope there is a place in the middle, though at this point I can't imagine what that is. 

Now please excuse me. I have The Amazing Race waiting on my DVR.