17 May 2011

I Want My Blog Back!

I'm taking my blog back... from myself. I can't take it anymore. There are so many stories I started to tell, so many stories I have told and saved as drafts. I was bound by time, specifically by telling stories in chronological order. It's a self imposed edict that has crippled me and kept me away from what I really like doing -- documenting.

I want to write about now more than I want to write about then. There are fun and exciting things happening, provocative thoughts being born and whatnot. For some reason, I felt like you readers wouldn't be able to appreciate the new and good without first reading about the old and not so good. But I can't return to my depressed former self to do justice to the sad, winter tales. It's a physical and mental impossibility. Ive grown. I've surrounded myself with so much positivity and opportunity, I barely remember those days when I didn't know why I was getting out of bed. So to force myself to go back and pretend to tap into those emotions would be to do a disservice to what was truly a deep and consuming misery. And we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Plus, it's May. We're a few months from repeats of the events I still haven't discussed. If my stories were cheese, they would have longed molded and liquified. It's time to cut losses and commit to moving forward. For someone with obsessive compulsive tendencies such as my own, this is a tough step to take. But it feels so good to see this page and these formatting tools and to type as the thoughts develop. And it's not that the old stories will all be forgotten. I'll post them in some sort of "Antecedent Adventure" mention at the bottom of my new posts. Yes they'll be out of order and at first it won't at all make sense. But years and years from now, when some brave soul wants to document the life and times of Danie D, all the tools will be in place.

Antecedent Adventure:
Back on The Mat

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