14 January 2011

Officially Back On The Mat

13 January 2011

I admit sometimes I set ridiculous goals. While I was home for Christmas, I was sure I was going to join two additional gyms, and work out consistently at all three. I even drew a schedule that seemed totally feasible, assuming I was able to actually carry everything I needed for Zumba, Muay Thai and Bikram. On paper it looked doable, as long as I ate out for every meal and had no other errands to run.

But (as with most things) as it got close to time to actually spend the money, the plan started to fall apart. I did not want to eat out all the time, especially considering what I would already be paying for gym memberships. I also did not want to carry a heavy, stinking gym bag from place to place. In fact I didn't even want to show up to a gym already sweaty. So yes, I thought long and hard and decided to keep Zumba (with optional spin and yoga) and Muay Thai. Bikram Yoga had to go by the wayside. I do really like it and I think it would be a good compliment to Muay Thai. But it wouldn't give me the stamina or confidence I would get from Muay Thai. And that's become an addiction.

I want to be able to jump rope for three minutes without stopping. I want to be able to spar for an entire round and still form a sentence afterward. I want to know I have a chance against some random attacker who dares to cross me in the street. I want to do what I once couldn't. I want to be at least as tough as my rhetoric, because some have accused me of occasional sass. So I bit the (expensive) bullet and I signed up for Muay Thai. I'll be training at Fairtex for at least the next year. And just as it was at Master Toddy's, the price is enough to make sure I actually go. I'm hoping to train six days a week. I also plan to Zumba three days a week. Yes, there will be overlap. But it's actually not bad. So let's be excited. The Pugilist Laureate has returned.

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