10 December 2010

Yosemite 2010 | Sentinel Dome & Glacier Point

18 September 2010
We continued our drive through Yosemite and I am pleased to report it was not weird. I know you were worried. But it's easy to realize how insignificant you are in the face of majesty. We hit all the must-hit spots. Saluting El Capitan in Sentinel Meadow and stopping at the Tunnel Vista to see more of El Capitan before hiking up Sentinel Dome and stopping at Glacier Point. I'm not sure if that sounds like too much or not enough. Judging by my pictures, it's a lot. But when I think of the sites we didn't see and the trails we didn't take, I start itching to go back. I think I took the best pictures my little camera could handle, but I am in no way convinced they did the scenery justice. A select few of ye few readers can see the pictures on Facebook. The rest of ye few can see them here.

Sentinel Dome was our great hike of the day, though it was only a 2.2 mile walk round trip. The reward was a 360 degree view of Yosemite Valley. Panoramic pictures can't capture it, and words can't describe it. It's seems ripe, as if the world is open for us small people to just begin making our way. It's open and expansive in a way that's crushing, because being up there makes you realize there's so much that can't be captured on contained or even shared. It's breathtaking. And for me it was lonely. I (if you haven't noticed) feel the need to share. I can't share with you, reader, via your screen what it was like up there. I do not believe I have the words. And I didn't have my partner. It was a mixed bag of wonder for me up there. But I don't think I would change a thing.

I stalked a chipmunk, who let me get pretty close. Amber & I ate dried pineapples. We looked at Half Dome and enjoyed the sunshine. It was almost like our private summit. We descended and headed to Glacier Point. It's not a large space, but is supposed to be the place to be for sunsets in Yosemite. We sat there for a while, debating whether to stay for the money shot. People were pouring in with wine and sandwiches. It looked like it was going to be a good time. And here's where an earlier folly bit us in the rumps. Staying meant we risked losing our hotel room. It was a real threat, considering we had to drive out of the park, following potentially inebriated tourists on winding roads. We decided not to chance it.

Our hotel, by the way, turned out to be great. I took a fantastic shower. Jesse & Adam went to the bar next door for pizza. It was the perfect ending to the day. XBFJ & I talked that night, about how the day had gone between us. There was nothing good to report on my end,. I was in a sensitive place where everything bothered me. I felt he went out of his way to talk about other women in a way he hadn't ever done in front of me. He said he was free to do so, because he didn't have a girlfriend. There's no response when you and your time together is dismissed so easily. He went on to apologize and say he didn't mean to disrespect me. And I believed him. Not because my blinders were still on, but because by then it was getting easier to see how insignificant my feelings were to him. He didn't mean to not care, he just didn't care. The sudden appearance of it all was downright perplexing. And I thought myself to sleep.

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