24 December 2010

More Friends & More Footbail

20 November 2010
The last two weeks of November passed in a blur. It was time to start thinking about going east for Christmas and time to not think about not going to North Dakota for Thanksgiving. I accepted every social invitation that came my way, and there were a couple that were great. We had an overdue goodbye party for a former coworker (not pictured). I got to see a few of the people I worked with during my first year in San Francisco. We had a great time opining changes in our industry and wondering what could still be on the horizon. We ate too much. We drank too much. We all left smiling.

That was followed by watching my dear friend Melissa the Producer be horribly disappointed.

21 November 2010

I'm going to offer a recap for the sake of clarity. There are two Melissas in my life, Melissa the Producer and Melissa the Reporter. I worked with both in Vegas. Melissa the Reporter moved from Texas to Vegas, while Melissa the Producer moved from Vegas to Texas. They are two people, both brunette, both (what I would call) short, both love sports and yet still have silly, girly sides I don't quite get. But like I say, they are two people, though I have only found one picture (from 2006) that has them in the same place at the same time. Melissa the Producer is on the left, Melissa the Reporter is next to me, and that extra 85lbs I was carrying that year. I felt this clarification important enough to show this picture. So please take note.

Melissa the Producer was born in late November. And in late November 2010, we went to a 49ers game. Melissa the Producer loves the 49ers. At this point in the season, they still had playoff hopes. I mean the whole division was a joke, but the 49ers were still in it, bless their hearts. MtP (yeah I'm going to do that) has a man friend, @yowhatupt. Yes, he has a name. But in my mind he's @yowhatupt, because that's how I e-met him. There are people who see me and call me "Danie D." I take it a step further and actually say "at yo what up t," but that's because I like to be proper. Face it folks, these are the issues that will be coming up as social media continue to shape our lives. I'm just the harbinger.

Most of the above was just so I could say: "@yowhatupt bought MtP tickets to a 49ers game for her birthday," and have you understand. I hope it worked, because that took me weeks to compile. As he was unable to attend, I selflessly offered my services, as friend and co-game-watcher for the afternoon. I know the true meaning of friendship is accepting tickets to sporting events. I'm sure that was in a holiday special of some sort.

It was a beautiful day for a football game. We made our way up to the deck on an old, overworked escalator. Melissa put her bare hand on the railing, which I found to be straight icky.

"Don't touch that. I don't know how often they service these things." -me

And the escalator stopped. MtP is convinced it was because of my tempting of the fates, and I am inclined to agree with her. But it was funny. Even funnier -- for at least ten seconds -- the dozens of people on the escalator just stood there, as if waiting for it to start again. We ended up walking. But there was a moment when it seemed like we were going to wait there in silent demand of our right to be lifted to our deck.

Once inside, we got garlic fries and made our way to the. Best. Seats. Ever. Score one for @yowhatupt, which was more than the 49ers would do for themselves. We had seats with letters. I didn't even know stadiums had seats with letters. We had a great view of the field. We had a great view of the people whose seats came with a wait staff. We were in plain sight of the Gold Rush Girls. And I have to say, they are not awesome. I am not a cheerleader, but I know what they're supposed to do. It was as if the Gold Rush Girls had all practiced separately, then met up for the game. And the game was so awful, we had little choice but to watch the girls. Or to do whatever these people were doing.

Neena and Tiffany were there too and joined us in our awesome section after halftime. That improved the situation, but only temporarily. The 49ers just could not seal the deal. And on the day we were perfectly poised to see some incredible end zone action, they did not score a single point. They owe MtP an apology.

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