27 December 2010

Kings vs Mavericks

04 December 2010
I think there is a part of me that has an aversion to capitol cities. I never went to Harrisburg when I lived in Pennsylvania. I never went to Albany when I lived in New York. It took a bit of cajoling to get me to Bismarck, though I did go. I never went to Carson City when I lived in Nevada. And it took more than two years in San Francisco for me to hit the road and head to Sacramento. And I only went because Melissa the Producer had tickets to a basketball game.

It was my first drive to see her. It was my first NBA game. It was exciting. We ate the usually stadium food and had the usual, better-than-good seats. I learned that the Sacramento Kings' mascot is a lion, though I did not learn why. And if you were to secretly call them the Sacramento Kings of the Jungle, you would not be alone. Just saying.

If you've been to a basketball game, I have nothing new to tell you. There were fans. There were points. There was disappointment. There was a nice dance show put on by dozens of little kids. We sat behind a loud and unfunny heckler. We got boom sticks that didn't do much but make a mess. We took our sports-outing-of-the-month picture. We laughed.

Dancing Kids.


I really like this picture.


At the end of the game Tyreke Evans (I'm almost sure it was him) threw his sweaty headband into our area. I found that to be disgusting. Alas, I was alone. People were excited. Melissa (thank goodness) didn't touch it, but she took a picture. We ended up encouraging these drunk guys to take it, only to feel crappy moments later when a kid came over looking for it. I still don't see the appeal. But I know very little about basketball.

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