18 December 2010

Halloween 2010 | Getting There

I come with high Halloween expectations. While I understand why, I assure you it's purely accidental. We didn't observe Halloween as kids. I didn't care about it in college, and only dressed up in Fargo because I was (a) able to go to the bars and (b+) able to be Spongebob. Sometime after moving to Vegas, I started loving Halloween and it was evident. I dressed up at work and I scoffed at Kate for not doing the same. Kate will be the first tell you she does not do Halloween. But eventually people started having parties and Kate could not resist the challenge. She refuses to buy costumes. But if one can be made out of everyday clothes (and blue eyeshadow) - while still falling within an approved themes, she's totally down. The idea is counterintuitive, the more effort involved, the more cooperation, but it works. We've had some great costumes in the past. Based on that criteria, Halloween 2010 was lame to the nth degree. At the same time, it was perfect.

30 October 2010

I missed my flight.

I booked my flight months earlier, probably right after I decided driving to Vegas was the dumbest idea ever. I figured I would either see Jason & Nora, or at least get to crash a party. I booked my flight for first thing Saturday and I had every intention of making it. Kate, Melissa & I had planned a full day and I was excited. But I was apparently not meant to make it on time. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. I overslept. I had to schlep up a large hill to my car. An FYI, if you ever want to feel really lonely, have no one in your life to take you to the airport. Yes, XBFJ was still living in the apartment. But he wasn't there at 5:30 in the morning when I needed to get to the airport. He had other people places to do be. But that's another tale.

I couldn't find long term parking. I made one wrong turn and spent ten minutes trying to correct it. I missed the first shuttle to the terminal. I showed up at the wrong gate, because on this one day, for this one flight, things were switched. The TSA agent did not like my (empty) water bottle and shuffled to check it. I asked her to call the gate (which I could see from security) but after insisting I was at the wrong gate, she told me she didn't have a phone. I got to the gate at 7:01 AM. My flight left at 7.

I would end up going through security three times before getting a really good nap at the airport. I watched the day break and wondered why I was fated to miss my delicious breakfast. Kate & Melissa went without me, and sent a delicious picture captioned "too soon?" I countered with a reasonably priced scone. Take that.

Why is that blue plane green?


I got to Vegas in time for lunch with Crystal at Lolita's Cantina. We had margaritas. I don't think I've ever really discussed Crystal here. But we used to work together in Vegas. She left the station first, but not the city. So she's one of those rare people who could be seen after the goodbye party. Of course the other side of that is that you have to make the effort and I don't think I was as good at that as I should have been. I like to pride myself on making an effort to stay in touch, but I have pretty low standards. Regardless, I met Crystal's son, we ate chips and drank a little tequila. And then Kate & I were off to do what we do, which is run errands.

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