19 December 2010

Halloween 2010 | Being There

Our Halloween festivities were like an episode of Oprah's favorite things. Only they were our favorite things, and Oprah would probably be too cool to admit she really liked them as well. When it's time for Kate, Melissa & I to get together, there is a grill, there is asparagus, and there are potatoes. I know, we live dangerously close to the edge. But I assure you, there are a lot of potatoes. Okay, we are boring. But we have a good time. Our Halloween 2010 included some upgrades: Dayna and Retro Bakery.

Retro Bakery is near where Kate & Melissa live. When I lived in Vegas, I knew nothing about it. But as soon as I was gone, it became the greatest place I had never been. Kate meant to get me Retro cupcakes when I ran the LV Marathon, but didn't. I meant to go after the firefighters' auction, but didn't. The times had never been right for me to sample the retro wares until Halloween 2010, when everything aligned.

It's a bakery in a strip mall. As I get most of my information from Twitter, I am convinced it is wildly successful. But I realize now I can't actually be sure, although why wouldn't it be? Kate & I met Kari, whom you might know as @retrobakery. I tweeted ahead of my arrival and Kari was there, in full costume and ready to appease our whimsical taste buds. We bought too many cupcakes for our small dinner party and were promptly on our way. But the whole experience was full of giggles. Meeting Kari was like meeting a celebrity. I mean I see her on the Internet and I saw her in person. If you're not excited, you're not on Twitter.

The spoils.

Then it was back to Kate's, where she grilled the chicken, cooked the asparagus and buttered the potatoes. I could eat Kate's mashed potatoes until I was 400 lbs. And if I ate them more than twice a year, I probably would be. We ate and we laughed and it was exactly what I wanted to be doing. Dayna came and we went "built" a fire in the fire pit. I don't know what's supposed to go into building a fire, we just lit what was already there. Sure, it seemed dangerous at the time, but eventually it was under control. I wish I could share some profound revelation from our night, but (much like high school sleepovers) it really got down to "who would you rather..." Let's just say (a) I have a type and (b) Carrot Top is not it.

The fire. It's not that Melissa's scared. Promise.

We took shots of the tequila, just to taste it. For real. Kate brought back from vacation and insisted it was delicious. She was right. It was the smoothest, most delicious tequila I've ever had, you know, for being tequila. We devoured the cupcakes, even though we were full potato - booze sundaes with a tequila cherry on top. They did not disappoint.

We used a lot of glasses.


Happy Halloween!

I went to bed in my second home - Kate's Green Room. The eating and the drinking continued on Sunday, when we met some friends for drinks at Kona Grill. We did a little browsing, but not really shopping. Yes, I did go into the Hipster Emporium. It wasn't as bad as I had feared. But I object to it on principle. I mean is there really a need for that? And then all of a sudden, it was November.

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