05 December 2010

The End of The Beginning of The End

I accepted Jesse was going ahead with Operation Dump Danie, I deferred to the part of my brain that's all business. I got down to the logistics of life separation. I sorted DVDs. I sorted pens. We decided we would both move to (even) smaller apartments to save money. We decided (in the interim) Jesse would move into the living room. I blocked him on Facebook, un-shared my documents and removed his access to my Google calendars. I started sorting through the smallest of storage containers, separating. Most of me wanted to find something to make him remember why we had survived for so long. I went back to the beginning folks, finding the book of matches retrieved in December 2002, on the first night we hooked up. No dice.

There were plenty of awkward situations. He bought me a few things and tried to buy me more. He said I was his soul mate. He said he hated to see me cry. And yet I slept alone. He did not reconsider. If anything, he further dug in his heels. Still, the sun rose. Time passed. I resigned myself to doing everything alone, while still running my ideas by him. What can I say? Old habits die hard. When I decided to go to the Eat Real Festival, I mentioned it to XBFJ. And just like the pre-BU days, he had an idea that made mine better, suggesting I go with my two East Bay friends. It turned out to be a great idea, as we were all recently single and slightly bitter.

29 August 2010

First of all, the Eat Real Festival is brilliant. It's local chefs using local ingredients to make delicious wares. Once a year all those wares are laid out in a three block spread for anyone with a pocket full of cash. Between me and you, it's a much better event than the Street Food Festival. First of all, the East Bay is sunnier than San Francisco, which makes everything better. There were more places to sit and more types of food. There were foods for carnivores, vegans and everyone in between. Drink tickets were cheaper than at the street food festival, and I got a fun plastic wine glass complete with thumb indentation. We ate tacos. We drank wine. We ate empanadas. I ate a knish.


Pacific Cod.


I had more fun than I would have had by myself. We three recent & regrettable singles all shared our tales. We swapped cliches and affirmative statements. We looked to the future and told each other it was going to be alright. And sitting by the water with a glass of wine and people who almost understood made that all the more believable.

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