01 December 2010

August 2010 | Et tu Computer?

Aside from the mixed signals coming from XBFJ, my computer also contemplated ditching me in August. I repeatedly one morning got both "the blue screen of terms I don't understand," and "the home screen without a start menu." These were emergency conditions and I quickly put Jesse on the case, even though he was at work at the time.

Blue screen.

Home screen.

The savior.

I also got an error message that didn't make any sense. It told me a file I did not know existed was corrupted. I mean there are a lot of files of which I am not aware, but this one had been ignored as much as any of them. There was no reason for this corruption. And yet it was happening. Jesse suggested I reboot the computer off the Ubuntu operating system, back up the files on the external hard drive, find the corrupted file and either fix or replace it. A few years ago, the idea of that would have intimidated me. But in 2010, after years of dating a computer dude, I dared to try. And guess what? It didn't work.

I apparently could not just delete a file and paste a file with the same name. I know. I was just as shocked as you are. But I didn't give up. Using all the knowledge of Google, I found my answer. I had to update Internet Explorer, which had apparently updated itself with the aforementioned corrupted file.

Thanks Internet Explorer, you cost me an entire morning.

At the same time, Jesse was proud of me for figuring it out on my own. I was proud of me too. So I suppose it wasn't an entire waste.

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