28 December 2010


7 December 2010
I did not take pictures of the rest of the remodel process because (believe it or not) it did not occur to me to do so. But there was a lot that happened. I assembled a bookshelf properly, despite what those extra pieces would lead you to believe. I changed that orange couch we found on a sidewalk in March of 2009 into a brand new white sofa. I opened that TV I bought on Black Friday. I got rid of the TV I bought in Fargo and the kitchen table XBFJ wanted to chop into firewood. I recycled and trashed anything that could be spared. I simplified and took stock of everything I had and of what I really needed. Apparently I don't need much. I assembled and tidied right up until the very first moment of life after the BU: Angie's arrival.

Adventure Time!

Though it's perfectly fitting, it's actually a coincidence my oldest friend was there at the start of whatever was about to happen. I knew she was coming, but had honestly thought I would have been over the BU by then. I thought I would have had some sort of a new life, four months after the deal wet down. But I didn't. And looking back, I see why. It took XBFJ a full 90 days to dump me and actually leave. It didn't seem like it was taking that long, because there was that month I convinced myself it wasn't really happening. And then Adam and Amber came and I don't know, I guess I just lived one day at a time. Redecorating got me excited for something fresh. I started to be ready to move forward. And that timed out perfectly with Angie's visit.

We really only had a day together. She arrived on a Monday night. I took off that Tuesday, so we could shop and talk, which is exactly what we did. Now that I think of it, it went really fast. We both dislike shopping and I think that helped. Angie & I are kindred. It's apparently apparent, as we learned in American Eagle.

We were there and I was browsing sweaters. I was still having fun buying things, as since we were in the store anyway, I saw no harm. I picked up a few and had them taken to a dressing room. When I got to the room, I obviously had to talk to the attendant. I don't know what I said to him, but in less than a minute, he said "you have good energy. I think there's somebody you should meet." And he brought me face to face with Angie. He (and I want to call him Elliott but that's not his name) said "you two have the same energy." I thought (somehow) that he was messing with me. I said "like we met the 5th grade and have been friends for 20 years energy?" He was confused. Angie & I laughed. It was a reaffirming moment that we really didn't need, but were glad to have. We're awesome. And we spent more than an hour there with the attendant and Emily, the co-attendant. Perfectly Random.

We crossed other things off the to-do list, finding Ang a pedicurist and eating at the Cheesecake Factory. We intended to go ice skating but the whole business is apparently dominated by private parties. Dinner was as good as it always it. We got to really talk about everything, hopes, fears, family, doubts -- everything. We went for a long walk and had a great night. My world was new again and I was happy Angie was there.

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