13 December 2010

All As It Should Be

21 September 2010
I got called in to work early and it was the best thing that could have happened. It was Adam & Amber's last night in town and XBFJ was taking them to Ocean Beach to grill and watch the sunset. I was jealous, because I like grilling and watching sunsets on the beach. That was all cured by one person's sick call. XBFJ & crew picked me up after work and we went to the beach.

It occurs to me now that my ex boyfriend picked me up in my own car, and that's odd. He also still had keys and was on my insurance policy, which is equally odd. At the time, it didn't occur to me mind. Now though, what was I thinking?

We went to Sutro Heights, overlooked Ocean Beach and wrapped up their vacation. We ate over priced organic sausages and fruit from Whole Foods and drank wine. XBFJ remembered my new favorite wine glass from the Eat Real Festival. We had blankets and gloves and a phenomenal crab dip. We talked and waited for the sun to set.

I would like to officially go on the record as saying sunset-watching is a tricky business. I waited all day for that sunset. It took hours. But it was as if once the sun could sense the horizon, it bolted. I know the sun has places to be but I really felt that last minute went too fast. I couldn't take pictures fast enough. I mean of course I got some, but there was no time to review them. No, there's no way to really mess up a picture of the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean, but that particular sunset went too fast. It was the first and last of it's kind you know. If you think you'll ever catch XBFJ & I sharing a sunset with Adam & Amber overlooking Ocean Beach, let me be the first to shatter your dreams. Our time as a foursome is over. But we had a good run. So all was as it should have been.

Without the sun, we were suddenly cold and in the dark. Funny how that happens huh? Adam smoked a cigar and we went down to the beach. Despite my fear of being sucked out to sea and drowning, I really like beaches at night. But who doesn't? Eventually the wind and cold got to us and we went to my favorite neighborhood bar, The Boardroom. I rarely go there, but I when I do go, I have a good time. And that makes it my favorite.

I want to tell you what happened at the bar that night, but I honestly don't know where it begins. We four sat, minding our business and having our drinks. Most of the crowd clear out after trivia and that was fine with us. I can't stress how ordinary it was, until Abraham bought us a round of drinks.

Yeah, we didn't know who he was either.

Apparently Abraham came in to the bar after trivia and had been watching us every since. And when I say "watching us," I mean "watching Amber." Abraham had a pocket full of cash and used some of it to buy us a round. Naturally we felt obligated to talk to him. Only his English was minimal. I want to say he was from El Salvador or Mexico, not that the two are interchangeable. I just don't remember. So I made conversation with him in Spanish, which Adam & Amber did not know I could speak.

We tried to explain North Dakota, and that we were all leaving town in the morning - I did not need him looking for me after the others had skipped the neighborhood. XBFJ bought him a shot of tequila as repayment, but he wouldn't drink it. But the girl with the vibrator did.

I told you. I don't know what happened.

The girl came in selling cigarettes and fake flowers and other crap no one ever buys. When we told her we did not want her wares, she offered up a vibrator. I don't know if those cigarette women usually have sex toys for sale, and I don't think I'll ever have the courage to ask. Regardless, we offered her the shot and she savored it like freshly squeezed juice.

We four finished our drinks, thanked Abraham and left. Adam & XBFJ started horsing around because that's what they do. XBFJ was on a mission to get Adam as payback for an incident (body slam) a few years ago that sent XBFJ to a chiropractor. I had no idea he had been holding on to that, but apparently he had. And on Adam's last night in San Francisco, XBFJ tried to... well he tried something.

But Amber was quick, stopping what could have been an embarrassing moment for one of therm.

We heard the scuffle behind us. Amber gave a mom-like "hey," as in "hey you two kids cut that out." I (having few mom-like tendencies) started taking pictures. And then I realized something was not right. There were four of them.

I need to really look at the faces in this picture. For real. What is happening?

Somehow Abraham was there, having apparently followed us out of the bar. He did not leave when we did, so he must have run and caught up when he saw the fight. We tried to explain that it was a friendly squabble, while acknowledging we did not owe this stalker any explanation at all. I stayed out of it, as good journalists should. So there you have what happened, without any real answers about what happened. It's the best I can do.

We checked for Abraham when we turned up our street, and didn't see him. So either he thought to leave us alone, or he was hiding. The next morning there was a mad dash to the airport. We were all up in plenty of time. The flight was at a reasonable hour. There was no reason they should have had to chase down the plane, but they did. I suspect they didn't want to leave. And I didn't really want them to go. I had a lot of reality waiting after their trip and it was bound to be unpleasant. But they were there at the beginning and they were there at the end. And all was as it should have been.

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