13 October 2010

Out to Sea

Technically all was as it should have been the day after the wedding. Jesse had been recovered and we were set to take a family vacation. Still, I was furious. And when I'm furious, I clean. I tidied our hotel room, made sure the rented tuxes and shoes were in the right bags, checked corners, folded towels and compiled trash. I was lost in my cleaning - so much so I did not notice Ty spending $30 on Nickelodeon On-Demand. In my defense, Derek & Nesha didn't either. We shuffled down to the lobby and I went to get breakfast for everyone. By the time I got back, it was time to head to the pier.

"My nephew(in his faux denim diapers) likes to vacuum."

"Don't you judge me."

We waited in line at the dock for what felt like forever. And I was still furious. I was waiting for an apology. And had yet to hear it. My dad (bless his heart) kept asking "What's the matter? How do you feel? Do you have a headache." Eventually I hear Derek explained what my dad could apparently not see. We wound our way onto the ship and into our rooms. We made dinner plans and hit the pool. Hours later (after finding our luggage outside a room that was not mine) we unpacked and I unloaded. I couldn't believe he wasn't sorry, that he hadn't explained and was just choosing to stay quiet. He said I had it wrong, that he was sorry and felt terrible about everything. I believed him and I think I started to forgive him. I mean who wants to be angry on vacation. He did not mention that he had decided to dump me and would only be pretending to be my loving boyfriend for another week. I can't decide if that was chivalry or selfishness. Yes, I went on having fun with my family (ignoring the disturbance in the force), but he also got to sever our relationship and cauterize his wounds while lulling me into a false sense of security so he could more easily hit me with a bus. I will not be bitter. I will not be bitter. I will not be bitter.

I did have a great time with my family on vacation. There isn't much to tell. We ate, drank and splashed. It was interesting watching Ty and Derek. I think Ty matured a but from when he was here in March. He listened better and I had fun with him. I got to see my oldest little brother be a dad, and that was just weird. Derek has never been more selfless and more responsible. He & his son are buddies and they stick together. On the other hand, my nephew finds me to be annoying. I worry (it's the nature of the business I'm in) and that's heightened when there's a baby involved. So there was a lot of "don't do," "don't touch," and "get down," coming from me, and a lot of sass and disobedience from him. He would look at his dad as if to ask "am I supposed to be listening to her?" And my brother would try to show that I was not the enemy. But Derek & I have never been affectionate. So the kid wasn't buying what we were selling. He did come around eventually, but that may have just been to humor me. Pictures will be appearing via a link on the left. Enjoy.

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