23 September 2010

Wedding Eve

22 July 2010

Getting married is work. And dumped or not, it's still not on my list of things to do. My dad was exhausted by the time we got to the hotel. And there was still a rehearsal to attend. We rehearsed until I just about had it, and then we 20+ people went to dinner. After that, there were vehicles that needing taking, clothes that needed sorting and arrangements that needed to be made. There was a lot of repeating of the plan (for clarity) and a lot of "where's the blah that was with the blah?" Madness I tell you. But everyone seemed to be having fun. So what do I know?

I don't know who's lecturing who in this conversation.

Bridesmaid gift bags.
There was a big tote and a smaller make up type bag.
Deva said she knew I like to have my name on things. Which is true.


Jesse took my picture as we unloaded at the hotel. I'm glad he did because this may be the happiest I was the entire trip. I had no worries. I was surrounded by family (old and new) and Jesse was there with me. I've been around his family for years. This was the first time he was close to my upbringing. It was happening. It was going well. I was happy.

That night I slept apologized to Jesse for being too tired to even consider showing him New York City at night. It was our only opportunity and I was too exhausted to take it. Apparently my dad was not. He took Jesse to Times Square. They were out for I-don't-know-how-long, doing I'm-not-allowed-to-know-what. I was tickled they had an adventure together. And even now - knowing those moments are gone - I can still smile.

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