25 September 2010

Heartbreak Is...

Heartbreak is feeling like someone died, but you're the only one who knows. It's feeling like you're incapable of ever being happy again. It's questioning every unkind word or action and wondering which was the final straw. It's watching other people go on and trying to emulate normal behavior.

Heartbreak is all encompassing. It's in every lyric of every song that's ever played or will be played. It's there in every couple holding hands or sharing a giggle. Heartbreak sets with the sun and slides in as suddenly as Bay Area fog.

Heartbreak is everywhere. It's in a glass of wine. It's in tortuous thoughts that promise happy days you'll never witness. It's in the e mails you sent and the possibilities that were presented. It's a suffocating, oppressive, steady reminder that you were happy once, until something went wrong. You can't make it right, you can't even name it. But you have to pretend to accept it, and hope one day you fool yourself.
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