06 August 2010

Summer Adventures | Vegas

It's August. And while summer weather has yet to come to San Francisco, I've had what I'm calling a thorough summer experience. I'm going to tell you all about it. And then I'm going to change things up a little here at Pique A Boo. You can expect minutia. You can expect rants. You can expect your thoughts to be provoked and your brow to wrinkle. I (believe it or not) have a lot to say. And I fear Jesse has started tuning me out. I don't want him to be the quiet partner, listening to my ramblings while praying for me to shut up. I mean what about all the things he has to say? How can I hear them if I'm always opining? I can't. So the mission this month is to share my tales, convey my thoughts and listen.

18 June 2010
An idea born of rage and nurtured by Kate had me driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas. I was going for two days - arriving Saturday morning and leaving Sunday afternoon. My goal was simple: be irresponsible. That's nearly impossible for me, but I felt I had to try. I wanted a girls' weekend, where we looked good, gossiped and ate poorly. Conveniently that was the weekend of the Burn Foundation Fire & Rain Firefighter Auction. You may recall I went last year and lost my mind amid the exposed, taut flesh and flame retardant, reflective pants. Kate was going to go alone this year. Neither of us could wrap our brains around that, and an admittedly dumb idea was born.

I left just before midnight on Friday. I drove alone, guided by a vague memory and the GPS navigator. She & I had a falling out a few hours into the trip, when she guided me off the highway and onto a road lined with fields of darkness. I lost 10 solid minutes following her recommendation, then turning around. She was then silenced.

I sang for four hours.

I felt giggly doing something mildly irresponsible. I was excited that very few people knew I was coming. It can be overwhelming when a lot of people request an audience. It creates pressure. These people want to see me. I need to be entertaining. I need to spend time with all of them. I did not need or want that. And I did not have it. I had my iPod and my favorite show tunes as loud as I wanted. I sang, which was apparently exhausting. I got drowsy. I planned to stop at several rest areas to sleep. But felt energized every time one was actually close. Besides, scary things happen at rest stops.

Obligatory wind turbine shot. I heart them.

Wait for it...

Here she comes.

I expected to catch a second wind with the sunrise. That was not to be. I watched the colors change over the mountains. The sun slowly made its grand entrance. I was first awestruck, then miserable. Days in the desert start hot and get hotter. I had forgotten that. My brain had tucked that info into a dark (cool) corner and I was caught unawares as it started that Saturday morning. Things turned "icky." And I was still sleepy.

I entertained myself with blueberry bubble gum. Actually I entertained myself trying to take pictures of myself blowing bubbles, while not crashing. I dare say a skill was learned. I also thought of ways to "exercise." I held up an arm or leg for a few miles. The time was determined by the mileage count on the GPS, proving she can pull her weight.

The scenery got more familiar and there was a hint of homecoming. I pulled to Kate's and promptly passed out. I didn't even make it to the head of the bed. I curled up on the corner closest to the door and shut down.

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