31 August 2010

South to The Sun

July was so busy, I have to document it week by week.

I started week two with getting my new cell phone, the Droid Incredible. I have a history of getting really excited every two years for my new gadget. Remember the arrival of the Pinkberry? How about the Original V? I studied both of those phones religiously before I got them. The Incredible was slightly different. I ogled for months, and still didn't buy when the time came. I got into the cell phone game when I was promised a new phone every two years. Specifically, a free new phone every two years. That technically has not changed. There are phones I could get for free every two years, but they don't suit my needs. I barely use my phone for talking. I honestly use fewer than 300 minutes a month talking to non-Verizon customers. When I agreed to the new every two, it never crossed my mind that I would not want the free phone. Yet that's exactly what's happened every two years for the last eight; I have not wanted what was free. The Incredible would have had me spending $200. That's more than I've spent on cell phones (exclusing accessories) in my whole life. So I decided to wait. But the want never eased.

Verizon responded (at least in my mind), offering me a $100 rebate and a $25 gift card because of the delay in getting the phone. I could not deny the phone was worth the remaining $75 price tag. I ordered it in June. It arrived in July. My life was changed. I took my last lower quality pictures with the Pinkberry and never looked back. The phone has exceeded my highest expectations and I can't imagine how I'll want anything different in two years. But I've said that before too. I'd better start saving. I'm sure whatever I want won't be free.

The phone hit the road with us next weekend. We went on a drive with Jesse's parents. I had probably the worst headache of my life. I think it was a migraine. It was worse than a high blood pressure headache. I was sensitive to light and motion. I felt nauseous, but throwing up seemed like it would hurt. Coffee didn't help. Water didn't help. Painkillers didn't help. I was miserable that second weekend in July. I don't know why. But I did document it and the next time I need to see my doctor (which kind of should be soon since that deadbeat gallbladder is still not pulling his weight), I'll bring it to his attention.

We drove down to the beach, just because we could. It was not warm outside, and it was even colder in the water. Jesse gave serious thought to taking the plunge. But common sense won that argument. I think it's always nice just to be next to the ocean, hearing its turbulence and feeling its might.


Jesse, Gary & Janna.

We kept heading south until we got to Phil's Fish Market and Eatery. It doesn't look like a place one would randomly stop for incredible grub, but that's exactly what it is. I don't know how Jesse found it. I mean he reads the food blogs and watches the food shows. But I don't pretend to know how he keeps all that information straight and can remember where to go in Monterey County.

The fish market was packed. The fish was fresh and the service was fast. It should be noted that we were hungry and I think they should have warned us about the size of the portions. We ordered a feast, and put a pretty good dent in it.


The spread.

Handling the Cioppino.

The finale.

Happy customers.

And after all that, we did not nap. Please be impressed, because I know I wanted to have a snooze. We went a little further south, into Monterey and walked Cannery Row. We took pictures by the bay. At the time I was thinking "Christmas cards, check," but, well, you know. The weather is always nicer the further south / north / east you are from San Francisco. So we had a really nice afternoon. Although I kept that headache throughout the day, the night, and the next morning.

Monterey Bay

That Sunday I think I spent the morning cleaning and doing homework. I believe we had enchiladas for dinner and brownies for dessert. Some of us (Jesse) had more than others. Better his waistline than mine I suppose.

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