18 August 2010

Image Preservation

This is a picture of yours truly, taken a little bit ago. Ignore the unflattering aspects - I was going for immediacy. Notice I am not weeping. Notice I am not morose. Notice the sun did shine on me today. Notice my grande passion tea from Starbucks. It's decaffeinated, so I'm not being propped up by the crutch of added stimulus. I am okay, just like you all told me I would be.

Indeed I had been crying. I had been a weepy mess, leaving snot on sleeves and pillowcases and anything else unfortunate enough to be caught under my nostrils. I posted my heartache, thinking it would help me get over my writer's block. I posted thinking (like a company offering poor customer service) Jesse would see his error in print and offer me a relationship-rebate. I posted not anticipating the result. I've started accepting the BU. These things happen. They (apparently) happen to a lot of the people I know & love. So why not to me?

So this is how I want you to think of me. I am Danie, solo in the sun sipping Starbucks. There was worst things.