07 August 2010

For the Love of Friends

19 June 2010

It felt as though I took one good deep breath before my alarm started squealing. I was jolted into that where-am-I-why-do-I-need-to-be-alert state. A deep breath (and the dry Vegas air) cleared my head. I showered and Kate & I went shopping. At this moment, that seems odd. It reads as if I drove nine hours to run errands. But that's not the case. I mean we did plan to go shopping (we had coupons from Coach) but it didn't feel like an errand. It felt like a bargain hunting adventure. If that doesn't clear it up for you, nothing will. Our mission was successful, as we both found purses we loved.

The only other people who knew I was coming were Melissa & Dayna. As emcees of the auction, they were able to bring us as guests. Originally Kate & I were going to surprise them by just having me appear at the auction. But that seemed like a waste of bonding time. And I did not have time to waste. We had lunch at the Yard House at Red Rock where three of us had the turkey burger. It was good enough to warrant a picture. I do not recall what was in or on it, but it was fantastic. Melissa said "I want to shout from the rooftops for everyone to get the turkey burger. She didn't. But I would not have blamed her if she had.

Lunch was perfect, until we remembered everything else that needed to be done. I missed eating out with friends for no reason. We used to go to happy hour just because we could. Sitting around and saying whatever about whoever is soothing. And I haven't had that since the Vegas crew spread into Texas and Arizona and now California.

But time! We were (on that Saturday) running out of time. We had firefighters to ogle and nothing to wear. So we shopped. And as a group, we coordinated. Melissa & Dayna had already picked dresses. Kate & I were opting for not dresses but plans change.

Kate, Melissa, Danie & Dayna 2010

Dayna, Melissa, Danie & Kate 2009

Look at us. Obviously we got more glam the second time around. It was almost like a different event. I mean we sat in the same area. Dayna & Melissa studied their notes the same way. The air of desperation from the women was as think as ever. But we four are different. Kate & I weren't giddy. I mean we were impressed by the male form, but were weren't beside ourselves as we were the first time. We were equally concerned with taking advantage of free drinks and with watching our friends sell the show. This year we watched and that was nice. And then Kate & I left.

We asked a woman to take our picture. I don't know who else she thought was in the picture.

We went to the Vegas Magazine party. We actually arrived at the same time as the Kardashians. They're very short. It was a highlight when I lived in Vegas and I was excited to be able to go again, especially since the party was at Encore's Surrender, which had not opened when I left. Everything was as awesome as I have come to expect from Wynn, even the tiny veggie sandwich. The party was great. The venue was perfect. We even ran into some friends and got to catch up in a social, rather than obligatory way. Ideal. That party ended, meaning it was time for the firefighter after party.

We danced. We sang. We ate greasy food late at night. The whirlwind slowed. My feet ached. My friends made fun of my girly complaints and took at least one picture of my misery. The drive and the fatigue were totally worth it. But next time, I'll fly.

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