12 August 2010

Dear Finish Line: Forget the Phone Number

It's been a long time since I've had customer service poor enough to warrant me to explain all of the details. But it's happened twice this summer and I can be silent no longer.

Finish Line Keeps Canceling My Order
I placed one order for two pair of sneakers this month. The temporary charge appeared in my bank account and I waited for a shipping confirmation. I got an e-mail three days later telling me my order had been canceled because Finish Line could not verify my bank information. That's peculiar (at minimum) but I took it in stride. Sometimes I mix up my billing zip code (home) for the shipping zip code (usually work). A check of my order status online still said "processing," so I called customer service and asked if I could place the same order with corrected bank information.

The woman on the phone was really helpful. She re-placed my order and recommended I call them back in the morning to verify an out of state shipping address. I should note the sneakers are a gift for my mother. I called the next day and guess what? My second order had already been canceled.

A second (very pleasant) woman told me the bank could not verify the phone number I provided with my order. Here's where I got annoyed. I gave the proper card number. I gave the expiration date and the verification code from the back. I gave my full name and my address. And my order was canceled because the phone number didn't match. I assumed the phone number was provided in the event of a problem with the order. So I gave my work number. If there's a problem with my bank account, I need to know immediately. So my bank has my cell phone number. If Finish Line had an issue with just the phone number, why not use the phone number provided to call me ask me about it? Why cancel my order without (twice!) even trying to fix the problem. Why are you even using my phone number for verification?

And why didn't the first nice and helpful person tell me specifically why my order was canceled? I assume she had the same information as the second nice and helpful person. She did tell me to call back though, which led to the exposure of this annoying policy. So I'm not angry with the actual customer service I received, just with the policy that will have my late present delivered even later.

My other customer service issue was with Norwegian Cruise Lines. But that's a whole 'nother post.

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  1. They must have thought someone was stealing your info - but in that case, you would think someone would notify you! They're not high on my list right now anyways, we applied for a grant to help fund our girls running program and didn't get it (too many other applications) - but we really could have used any funds and definitely supplies. Grrr...