14 July 2010


It's been less than two weeks since I changed my hair and I have to admit I'm obsessed with it. Even now (while on my dinner break at work) I'm thinking about washing it tomorrow, reshaping it, and trying this bevy of new products.

The products pictured are only about half of what I plan to use. I've been reading hair blogs (which exist) since I decided to stop having my hair braided / twisted. That means months of planning that can finally be converted to action. And I feel ready. I know the terms. I know the ingredients to avoid. I know how to tell if something is hurting my hair or helping.

I also know I've been a bad hair host. I have a very delicate type of hair. It's dry, brittle and should receive a lot of attention. It hasn't. I lived in the desert for three years without an adequate moisture regimen. Honestly it's kind of amazing I have the hair I do. It gives me hope.

Attached are pictures from my four hour visit with Shannon the Stylist. She was the first person to ever approach my hair with the goal of embracing its most natural state. My meeting with her was the first time my hair was not manipulated into something else. She trimmed my ends, which is apparently supposed to happen every few months. She explained everything from how to wash my hair (vigorously with the pads of my fingers) to how to mimic the twist-out she set. She was really helpful and honestly made me feel like I could my hair on my own. That was a first.

When all was done and paid for, I was scared. It was different and didn't really feel like me. I've done my best to keep the style she set. I've conditioned and moisturized better than I had, but not as well as I should. I'm going to start experimenting tomorrow. No twists, just an Afro. I'm going to start using the oils that I've read will work wonders. I'm going to sleep in a satin bonnet and protect my curls. I'm going to nurse my abused folicles back to health. I feel capable, and kind of unafraid. It's as if I somehow know I won't hate it. It's strange. I'll let you know if I'm right.


  1. I love it! You look super cute!

  2. Love it! You look so cute I could just eat you up! Go get 'em, Dani D.


  3. Your hair looks fantastic. I am so glad you are going natural, it will be amazing. Shannon is wonderful. Carol's Daughter has some delightful products as well, and they smell crazy delicious.