24 June 2010

May 2010 v | Emmy Night

The best part about getting in that car crash was the dress I got out of the deal.

We took the rental and tried to stick to "plan a." But as we headed to Napa, we found a whole new set of outlets in Petaluma. We stopped. We shopped. I found a dress and a purse. Jesse didn't find anything. The dress was half as much as the orange one and just as lovely. So despite having a possibly totaled Henry, a weight had been lifted.

15 May 2010

We spent the next six days preparing. Jesse found a suit he liked, and got it tailored. I found a bracelet and used it to shop for matching shoes. The morning of Emmy night arrived and we just had a few errands left to run - shoes, shirt & tie. Jesse would have preferred for me to shop with him, then for me do my shopping on my own. I stood firmly against that logic, agreeing to shop with him if he shopped with me. The result: we did our shopping separately. His loss really, as I found shoes almost immediately. Just as quickly, I knew Jesse would hate them.

They were chunky - and I don't mind that. I've always been a bigger person and I generally dislike dainty things. I feel as if they're designed to make big people feel larger. I think it only fair that something makes a big person feel small. If that something happens to be on a closeout sale, even better.

Part of me recognized I am an adult and should dress like one. I happened upon a second pair of shoes that were the same color and much more appropriate. The shoes reminded me of Kate - dainty. I sent her pictures telling her as much. I knew she & Jesse would pick the same, non-chunky shoe. But I bought them both anyway to try on with the dress. I honestly did not want to be the giant girl in tiny shoes. People talk about that girl and they do not say nice things.

Once I was home, there was no contest. The dainty shoes won by a mile, just by making my legs look better. We got ready and Jesse called a cab to be our chariot. There was no way for me to walk in those shoes. Seriously women, we have to stop doing this to ourselves. I don't think the cab we called ever came. We were saved by a cabbie who could tell I was under-dressed (Jesse disapproved of the wrap I picked - even though he bought it for me from Thailand), and in a hurry. We met some people for a pre-show drink and walked to the venue. I think I pretended to be taking in the (everyday) scenery. But I just didn't know how to walk. Jesse pretended with me, although I'm sure it killed him to walk that slowly. He's swell.

Cell phone pictures before we left.

There were two routes to take at the ceremony: sit & watch or flutter & chat. I tried to sit & watch, but there were a lot of people there who I had not seen in months. Schedules are intense in my business. Once someone moves from one to another, it's likely they'll never see their former shift-mates. There are of course rare encounters, usually when there's a going away party. But even in those instances, we're not as dressed up as we were for Emmy night. So after sitting and spotting some long lost friends, I started saying visiting tables and saying hello. I'm not sure it was the right thing to do etiquette wise, but it felt good to see people who missed me.

I didn't win in either category for which I was nominated. I really wanted to bring home the gold. I had a speech prepared, and Jesse recorded the lead up to thee winner in our category. There may be a collective moan at the end when another winner was announced. I don't know, I didn't watch. I had a lot of fun though, despite not winning. I didn't feel that it had been a waste of time or money - although we had spent a lot of both. The food was good. The (white) wine was good. The friends were there. A coworker of mine received an award and gave an excellent speech. It was actually the highlight of the night.

And then things got silly. You know that point when you could home and avoid any potentially embarrassing situations? A lot of us thought that point was still in the future, even though it had probably passed during the ceremony. We traveled in large groups to the bar at the top of the hotel. It overlooked the city, which was covered in fog. The window had an industrial feel, with metal bars crisscrossing a large window. Jesse aptly described it as the Batcave. The window and the fog did provide a very Gotham City feel. Inside the bar, we were all happy. A lot of people were going from table to table, wide-eyed and excited. It was that perfect point in the night, when everyone was tipsy and pleasant. And somehow I recognized it was the best time to stop drinking.

I spent the night talking to whoever appeared on the couch on which I was planted. I remember posing for a lot of pictures - but they were apparently not with my camera. We closed down the hotel bar and went to some other place across the street. We really had no reason to go there - Jesse had stopped drinking too. Still, we went. The bouncer was mean. The women started to get woozy. The attempt to carry the mood from one bar to another failed. We took the hint and split a cab home.

Danie & Maren

Jesse & Andy. Too bad for them I only accept smiles.

As we were walking into our building, one of us realized we really needed to take some pictures. We only had one together and it was just okay. Our we've-been-out-and-are-ready-for-bed pictures didn't come out much better. I'm sure we'll do better next time.

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