22 June 2010

May 2010 iii | Hair

May started showing its true colors about 6 days after the flea market when I went to get my hair done.

I ended up with the wrong hair.

Here's how it works. Most of my hair comes out of a bag. It's synthetic (read: made in China) and is usually braided or twisted into my hair. Sometime late last year I switched from braids to twists. The untrained eye would say I went from long, straight braids to shorter, curlier braids. The twists take less time and cost the same amount of money. Also I think they look better around my face.

So I made an appointment to get twists one week before the Emmy ceremony, so they would fresh, but not painfully tight. I like to pride myself on that kind of foresight. Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to confirm with my braid technician. It was early. I had been up late removing the old hair. I had a book I was excited to start reading. I said hello and promptly buried my face. And for all intents and purposes, the pain is the same. Can you imagine my surprise when (six hours later) I am pulled from a deteriorating town of Chester's Mill and into my own horror: great braids done with cheap hair.

The woman did a good job. But it was not what I wanted. No, I didn't say anything. I hadn't noticed. She didn't confirm either. And I took that to mean she had checked the appointment book and knew what I wanted. Another woman working there (who I have come to mildly dislike in my time at this salon) chimed in with "you thought those were twists the whole time?"

A) No one was talking to her.
B+) Why wouldn't I? It was what I had asked to have done.

I told Miss-Nosey-Pants that I had no reason to suspect otherwise. And that it wasn't a big deal. The severity of the situation was never lost on me. You may say "oh a woman didn't like her hair cut. Big deal. It happens." But it's more complex than that. I don't think people who don't like their hair cuts have to pay. In this instance we were talking about close to $200. I had what I wanted, and they had not yet been paid. I could have started screaming, caused a scene and run out without paying. I could have demanded she undo what she had done over six hours and start again. There were a lot of ways I could have made that situation worse. I chose none of the above. I paid, and I left. I even tipped. We shared the blame for that mishap. But she was sorry. She had done a good job. And she had stood up combing through my nappy head for six hours.

I had also (before I even made my appointment) planned to never go back there anyway. So what was the harm?

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