01 June 2010

May 2010 ii

Still on the plus side for May: tailgating at the flea market.

Technically, it's the Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire. It comes to Alameda one Sunday a month and stretches as far as the eye can see. Everything sold there has to be at least 20 years old. And there really is something for everyone. I'm not one to buy stuff. I don't like clutter. And I generally hesitate to accept germs from other people's things. Before going, I was worried I'd be stepping into a giant garage sale. Fortunately, I was wrong. But I digress.

Ajit, Mariana, Trisha & I started the party in the car. Designated driver Ajit poured while we three girls gabbed. It was very I'm too young to drink or I'm too broke to buy of us. It was naughty enough to make me giggle. I used to see Mariana & Trisha at least weekly. Now we seriously have to start drinking at 9AM on a Sunday just to know what's up with each other. Once the vodka, juice and wine were gone, we made the trek to the grounds.

The Alameda flea market (as I will continue to call it) is a big deal. We were stuck in traffic on the way there and were parked a (slow & drunken) 15 minute walk away. I wish I could describe the wonderment. If you need it (and you want a well preserved vintage version of it), you'll find it there. Sure there were old dirty purses and plastic bracelets and gaudy jewelry. But there were also wrought iron birdcages, metal lunchboxes, furniture and art. It was a nice set up and was probably even nicer because it was a clear day.

Not ten minutes after mentioning I was in the market for white sunglasses did Mariana spot some. They were $15 and even though I was okay paying that, I stayed quiet while Marian haggled on my behalf. I'm not a haggler. Who am I to tell you how much your work is worth? Probably a sucker. But I know I would walk away before I would pay what I felt to be too much. So maybe it all evens out. I bought the glasses. Fun? You bet.

Post portable restroom. (Shudder)

With Mariana

With Trisha

Coolest chair we found. It was built to go into a corner, but had a round seat. A built in coaster would have made it perfect.

We were there long enough to have to use the portable restrooms (gag) and for Ajit to eat a massive sausage. I bought a book of short stories for $3 and Mariana bought some necklaces and bracelets. And somehow we ended up at a winery.

I did not know there was a winery so close. I also had no idea where I was, so maybe my idea of close doesn't mean anything. Mariana, Trisha & I went through the entire offering. I learned from tasting with Angie that it helps to take notes. Again, there's something so giggly about drinking on a nice day. I don't know how it was for Ajit. I doubt there's anything giggly about driving three drunk women from place to place. But I could be wrong. We surely provided ample opportunity for entertainment.

See? Ajit was totally amused.

By the time we got to a Mexican restaurant and ordered everything on the menu, we couldn't bring ourselves to touch the pitcher of sangria we ordered. I was home, sleeping it off by 3PM. By the time Jesse got home from work, it was like a third day to the weekend. Perfection.

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