25 June 2010

Henry: Repaired

25 May 2010

It took 16 days for my car to be repaired. In that time, Jesse & I both talked to our insurance company, who had read the police report and determined we were 100% not at fault. But it takes two insurance companies to get a claim reimbursed. My insurance agent had all kinds of trouble getting info from the other driver. And then the other insurance company did not want to accept fault. I can see why - repairs were nearly $6,000.

We're now nearly 2 months from the day the crash happened and there still hasn't been a resolution. But I picked Henry up from the repair shop the day he was ready. I paid my deductible and you bet your bum I'm waiting for my reimbursement. The repair shop did a great job. My car looked and handles as if he were new.

I had been indifferent toward the future of my car up until this day. Having it has been problematic on more than one occasion. And if I weren't nearly upside down on it, I would have sold it. But as i drove away from the auto body shop, I realized I'm close to owning Henry. More than that, he's a good car backed by a great warranty. He's gotten us up through the mountains of Arizona, to North Dakota & back, and everywhere else we've wanted to go. He's used, has some dirty interior and some scratches. He's weathered, but reliable. He's my car and I do care what happens to him.

So my repaired car came with a renewed appreciation. I'll continue to take care of him and to pay for him. He's already proven he's worth it.

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