05 May 2010

Tabled = Busted

April 10, 2010

It took nearly a week before Jesse & I got around to taking that table out of my car. We had been out that next Saturday morning, eating our way back toward home. The car was safe and the table was still inside. I know it's odd that we go days or weeks without sight of little Henry, but that's the reality. There's no reason to see him unless we need him. I fear that will bite us in the butt one day. But if you saw the places in which we usually park, you wouldn't see any reason to go up there either.

Jesse peaking inside and asked "is the table broken?" I told him it wasn't when I got it. But then I thought of how it had been wedged, and of any bumps there may have been during that six hour drive. I hadn't thought of the table while I was riding. I don't know what I would have done to have made it more secure. I still don't. The table (broken or not) still had to come out of the car. So we grabbed it and carried it a few blocks.

Basically, the wood on one of the drop down sides had cracked. I was really sad, because the table is an antique. It had survived the 1906 earthquake, but not my driving. I removed the broken pieces and it looks like it'll be a smooth fix. Also, the table works perfectly (without that side) as a second desk. It's actually a nearly perfect work station for me. It would actually be worse if that side were still attached. I still have the broken pieces. I plan to one day put them back together. I may also take the time to refinish the table. It would be an awesome project. We'll see if I ever get the time.

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