08 May 2010

Seafood & Jazz

April 24, 2010
Jesse took me on a proper date. He picked a day, asked me out, and told me what time to be ready. You may or may not know I'm not exactly a girl's girl, but I like to go on dates. Being asked in advance just gave me that much more time to get excited. I think Jesse was excited too; we were both ready a half hour earlier than our appointed departure time.

Date night in San Francisco is a little different from date nights in cities past. Jesse was worried about the shoes I was wearing, because they had to be walking - friendly. We also took a bus. Not exactly romantic, but oh so practical. Walking brought the chance of me sweating before we got to dinner. Driving brought the certainty of parking illegally once we made our way back home. Public transportation brought us very close to where we wanted to be, and absolved us of any parking responsibility.

Woodhouse Fish Co.
We ate at the Woodhouse Fish Company. It's a small place and there was a 25 - 30 minute wait for a table at 7 on a Saturday night. But they served drinks while we waited. So aside from being squeezed in the front of the restaurant and watching other people enjoy (what appeared to be) delicious meals, the wait wasn't too bad. And it guaranteed we were ready to order when we were seated.

The only picture I snapped before Jesse imposed his "no pictures at the table" rule was of the appetizer, mussels with fries. He would have preferred garlic bread, but I had a hankering for fries. It was a great compromise. We didn't have too many, but there were enough to satisfy my craving. Jesse ordered fish tacos and I had Alaskan Halibut in parchment. Both of our meals were delicious, but I'm certain mine was better. The fish had been baked with tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, leeks and a basil butter. We split bread pudding for dessert. The entire meal was delicious from start to finish. And then we were off to jazz.

Yoshi's Jazz Club & Japanese Restaurant
What? Your town doesn't fuse jazz and sushi? Excuse me while I shake my head at you. I don't know what the original inspiration for Yoshi's was, but it's worked. It's a big deal here in the Bay Area. We were there early and got a great place in line. We met this other couple, spearheaded by a jazz loving French woman who could not have been five feet tall. She gave us the lay of the Yoshi's land, telling us the best way for us to find good seats. She even acted quickly after realizing people who had been at the back of the line were getting in ahead of us. We separated once we were inside and we never saw them again.

We got seats off to the side, but still close enough to feel it was an intimate show. We ordered our drinks and were ready to be entertained by Madeline Peyroux. I had never heard of her. Jesse became a fan while listening to Soulful Sundays at work. I really liked her and I think I'll buy some of her music. The show was a little more than an hour, which was perfect. I was full, cozy and listening to a soothing voice. I was high risk for dozing.

We started walking home until we happened upon a taxi. We rode in silence. Jesse had to pee. I was just really content. The cab driver thought something was wrong. He asked why we were so quiet, and if we'd had a bad night. I told him we were just full and glad not to have to walk. And then I wondered; if we had been having a bad night, did he really want to get involved? Peculiar.

We arrived home and just before we passed out, I asked Jesse to take my picture. I just wanted it noted that yes, I wore a dress. And yes, I had flat shoes to match.

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  1. are those the smurfette shoes? but you're not blue... it's all wrong!