06 May 2010

Nominated Again

April 15, 2010

I've received two more Emmy nominations. It's just as exciting as it was the first time. Here I am after I won in 2006. This is the only picture of me with the Emmy and in my dress. It was an afterthought, taken in our hotel room.

The nomination is kind of a relief. It's been four years between nominations. I've done good work in that time. And I've been proud of a lot of my shows. Not being recognized was disappointing. Yes, I know the whole thing is subjective. A person watches my show and judges. Based on their mood or their day or their preferences, I get a nomination. It's not at all an exact science. It's also not like a high school math test, where you may get more points for showing your work. If I overcome 2 or 20 challenges and put on a clean show, the person responsible for judging will never know. I suppose that could be a good thing, putting the show in a vacuum. But I'm of the "A for effort" school of thought.

It must be noted, knowing the system isn't perfect in no way takes away from the nomination. The cost associated with submitting entries does not detract either. I'm still really excited. One of my shows was nominated, as well as a compilation that was essentially a product of the entire newsroom. I think we'll win. But why would I think otherwise?

There are a few costs and hurdles to come. It costs money for both Jesse & I to go. I still have to get a dress and shoes. I have to get my hair done and Jesse needs something to wear as well. The event is May 15th. Wish me luck. I would love a return on my investment. Also, an updated picture of me with an Emmy wouldn't be so bad either.

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