31 May 2010

May 2010: Goodbye & Good Riddance

I'm excited for June. I think it's the first time since June 1998, when I graduated from high school. May was rough. And it didn't need to be.

It started pleasant enough: shopping & socializing. The Emmy ceremony was May 15th and I dedicated May 1st to finding a dress. My feelings about dress shopping have not changed since last time, but I did decide to be more adult about the whole thing. I didn't shy away from Bloomingdale's or Macy's or Nordstrom's. I walked right into the belly of the beast that is the overpriced department store. I searched floor after floor check gown after party dress. I found nothing.

It's fair to note I did have specific criteria. I did not want a black dress. Everyone buys black dresses. They're supposed to be the "go to" outfit for women. And do you know why? I'll tell you. Black dresses are boring. We can wear all the time because no one can tell one from another. It's perfectly reasonable to hear one woman say to another "I can wear the black dress with the thing here, or the one with the strap that goes like this." Black dresses are handy. But I did not want to be handy. I wanted to be special. So black dresses were out.

I also did not want a long gown. I wanted a party dress. Nothing cheap looking and something I would wear again. I thought knowing exactly what I did not want would make it easy to find what I did want. I was wrong.

I found one dress that was perfect. It was in a boutique and I knew just by the layout of the store (spares) it was going to be expensive. But it's hard to resist being able to fit into a bright designer dress. I know nothing about fashion or design, so I can't describe the dress properly. It folded from the bottom out and was uneven along the bottom. The part I appear to be holding up is actually a bow. I was wrapped like a bright present and I loved it. But it was $250. And it needed to be altered. was going to have to buy shoes and a purse. It was all adding up a but too fast. The sales woman offered me 10% off, which covers sales tax and nothing else. I walked away empty handed, knowing I could be convinced to return.

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