17 April 2010

"Eggs & bacon. No pancakes."

Day 3
Once again I awoke to the soft tap tap flip sigh of someone playing video games. I again thought to go back to sleep. I mean he was content and I was content, so why not let a sleeping Danie lie? Well I thought of a lot of reasons and I hoisted myself into action. I asked Ty what he wanted for breakfast.

"Eggs & bacon. No pancakes."

I noted how he reaffirmed what I had noticed the previous day about my pancakes - specifically that he was not a fan. I brought out the trusty griddle and made pancakes (for me) bacon & eggs simultaneously and with little mess. Lesson: the griddle can be a person's best friend.

And then I went to clean the bathroom simply because it needed doing.

While I was out of the room, he ate everything on his plate. I was pleased. He then took another really long shower and I got ready for a day at the aquarium. I checked the hours, packed some snacks, checked the finances and looked up special events. Finally I checked Derek's flight status. His flight was delayed by 92 minutes. Not one to let good errand time go to waste, I decided to do laundry - again because it needed doing. Derek happened to call just after the wash started - eerily close to the original arrival time of his flight. I was not prepared to handle being late to pick up a second brother from the airport. I mean what kind of sister am I? I answered the phone with my reasons for not being at the airport.

"Your flight is supposed to be delayed."
"What are you talking about?"
"I checked the status and it says your flight is delayed."

"My itinerary says the 30th. I don't leave until 4 in the morning."

"You told me you were coming Monday."


Then Derek went on to ask me about flying in 2010. He hadn't flown since he looked at a school (here in San Francisco) back in 2005. I explained the 3-1-1 rule, and that he couldn't use his cell phone in flight. Then I was interrupted by a visitor from AT&T. He had come (between 8AM - 7PM as promised) to fix our land line. I let him in, showed him the boxes I assumed would help him, checked in on Ty & his progress in the Clone Wars and went back to put my laundry in the dryer.

Suddenly the day had changed and I was not pleased. I did not want to get the car and go to the aquarium without Derek. I would just have to fight for parking and have to get the car again. It was raining, and it was after 1 in the afternoon. I couldn't think of anything to do outside and I didn't want to pay $50 (combined) to go to a museum for 3 hours. I found myself in a funk. And then I was inspired by a tweet.

@danie_d You just gave me an idea of what to do with my brother on a rainy day. Bake! RT @RetroCounter: Fresh sugar cookies brighten ANY Monday!

I dragged Ty away from the 360, and into the kitchen. I made him put on an apron and explained that he was to be a cookie maker. I showed him how to read a recipe, and how to combine ingredients in the proper order. By the time we go to the actual mixing, he was actually enjoying himself. He got really into it - making sure the batter was evenly mixed and folding in the chips. He even made sure the dough-balls were all of comparable size. But when it came time to eat the cookie dough, he balked.

Master mixer at work.

One cookie at a time.
He tried it, and declared it "a'ight." But he wouldn't go back for any more, leaving me to clean off all the spoons. Good thing I'm a nice sister.

We then watched Dragonball Evolution and Family Guy Blue Harvest. He showed me some of his favorite YouTube videos, and he & Jesse went on a quick tour of Chinatown. I'm not at liberty to know where they went or what they saw. Sometimes it's tough being a girl.

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