19 April 2010

A Day In The Rain

The next morning we were on a mission to get to the movies before noon. I don't know if you know this or not, but matinees are not the cheapest thing out there. Movies before 12PM are even cheaper. This was of even greater importance during that particular week because movie prices had just been raised. And we had planned to see two 3D movies. Preparations that morning were a matter of financial prudence.

The griddle again saved me. I made pancakes for Derek, scrambled eggs for both he & Ty and bacon for Ty. I don't remember what I had. I'm sure it was delicious. Derek got Ty to eat (by watching over him while I cleaned) and was also amazed at how long Ty took in the shower. We were out the door with plenty of time to spare and we walked to the theater. Ty brought toys with him, which had to be confiscated so he could focus on not walking into people. A shame really, since that distracted him from actually walking.

We made it to the 11:xx showing of Alice in Wonderland. We had all three been excited to see it. It was $9/each. Derek also got Vitamin Water for he & Ty, which was another $9. And there went $36.

Derek & I thought the movie was great. Personally I thought it was cleverly written. Johnny Depp (as always) excelled at playing a disturbed character. I don't think the third dimension added anything, unless it was so subtle I didn't even notice. Afterward, Derek & I were pleased and Ty was bored. We set out for lunch.

Here's where I had made a request. I have a friend who was having a farewell luncheon that day. It wasn't (by my standards) too far from the theater and I knew there would be good food there. Derek was okay going and Ty voided his vote by asking to go home. So we walked. Derek & I talked about San Francisco, it's cleanliness and it's people. Derek works a lot in Baltimore and said he could run the city better after one afternoon in San Francisco.

Ty started grumbling from the rear. He was miserable, for no particular reason. He didn't want to talk. He said he wasn't hungry. He became monosyllabic and honestly I was annoyed. Derek - who I should note has infinitely more patience than I do - said not to worry about it. We were close to eating anyway and (as luck would have it) we passed by Jesse's job just and he was able to take a break.

"If you keep pouting, a bird will poop on your bottom lip." Sage advice from Jesse. He's great with kids. You can see Ty is not amused though.

Ty apparently did not believe Jesse and kept up his attitude. I sent my dad a message telling him we were going to let the kid starve. Derek did too and right as we arrived at the restaurant, Ty had an important call to take in private. I thought to show my new vegetarian brother a great margarita pizza, but his ulcer means tomatoes are the enemy. I introduced both to Potatoes Gorgonzola, but Ty didn't like the cheese. I re-introduced myself to pomegranate margaritas and was pleased.

Us. Fed & Happy.

And then it was time to go. It was also cold and about to rain. We walked back to Jesse's job and ducked into the bar next door to wait for him. It dawned on me I had never seen a kid belly up to a bar before. I must have looked like a terribly irresponsible parent. So I documented it with a picture. I told Ty Jesse was coming and he made his own request.

"Don't tell him I'm drinking juice. I'm going to tell him there's whisker in it."


"Yeah. I'm going to act drunk."

I didn't correct him - mostly because it's cute. Also I wanted to see him act drunk. He stumbled over a few things and said "man I'm tired." But that was about it. We got caught in the rain on the way home. We only had 2 umbrellas between the 4 of us. And while I was okay walking in the rain, Derek argued for a cab. Eventually we found one and were home watching TV in no time.

Once the rain paused, Derek & I went to get Chinese food. First we asked Ty what he wanted. We asked him to describe it in terms of color and heat. We had to make sure we ordered the right thing, because we wanted him to eat it. Once that was done, we set out on our quest. I meant to warn Derek the walk was steep, but I guess I forgot. He thought it ridiculous how far we go away from Chinatown to get Chinese food. But once we got our food and brought it home, he understood. Unfortunately, Ty was not of the same accord. We had to give him a number of forkfuls to finish. It wasn't too much of a fight though. So I guess the day was a success.

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