22 April 2010

The Beginning of The End

April 2, 2010

I had next to nothing left that Friday. I heard Ty having potato chips (purchased in a moment of weakness) for breakfast. Derek & Jesse were hung over and useless. It was cold and raining. I tried to think of an agenda and came up with nothing. There was nothing within walking distance that was worth hearing Ty complain about walking. There was nothing in driving distance worth seeing in the rain. And honestly, I just wanted to relax. I had a lot of driving coming my way and I didn't really want to do anything.

I made breakfast for myself and the little guy and let sleeping drunkards lie. Of course there's nothing like the smell of breakfast to wake up someone who had been lifeless just a minute. Derek & Jesse were outraged at my intent to let them sleep, then make their own breakfasts. I mean can you imagine me having the gall to not make breakfast for two grown men incapacitated by their own doing? I told them in no uncertain terms what I thought of their sense of entitlement. Jesse took the boys to In-N-Out.

As I do whenever I find some unexpected "me" time, I cleaned. I cleaned in the quiet, without any cartoons or music. I swept. I organized. I folded. I got a little bit of control and sanity back. Jesse kept Derek & Ty out I think for as long as he could and I think that was just long enough. I was refreshed (though still sans plan) when they came back.

We didn't do anything all day. The brothers and I watched Star Trek. Jesse wavered between wanting to eat and wanting to sleep. Ty wanted to play video games, but was rejected. He then became dejected, and sat in the closet requesting his "personal privacy." As a test, Jesse & Derek started playing video games. "Personal privacy" fell by the wayside. Ty is not content to play video games. He's content to watch other people play video games too. And I don't just meant people in the same room. Ty actually visited YouTube and watched videos of strangers playing video games. It was not his first rodeo either. He had memorized all the trailers and comments. It was painful to watch. Jesse switched him to a movie on Hulu. That seemed less wrong.

Derek & Jesse went for a walk into North Beach, where I hear they were solicited as both a couple and on their own. I made spaghetti & meatballs and was pleased (thrilled, even) that the kid liked it. He asked for seconds for the first time all week. Afterward, we all piled on the couch to watch a movie. I didn't really want to watch it & fought for my right to read a book instead. It was a smart decision; Jesse & Derek got to the turning point and both decided to go to bed. I suppose it was the smart thing to do. I had drop offs to make in the morning.

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