19 April 2010

April 1, 2010

We tried the same movie watching plan the following day and failed. I had an errand to run in the morning that took longer than I wanted. While I was gone, Ty inhaled the Chinese he had rejected the night before and declared it "really good." I still had him eat some eggs & bacon, because I didn't know how much he had eaten and honestly, I didn't want him ordering a bunch of movie theater food. I ate, Derek ate and all three of us had to shower. It was hectic and somehow stressful. Derek didn't bring a jacket because the one he had with him was too close in color to his jeans. I found his lack of planning / variety to be silly. But he dresses himself.

We were shooting for a 12:05 movie. We were in matinee territory and we were going to have to deal with that. Derek suggested we take a cab. I should have said "I'd prefer to walk, since I haven't been exercising this week." But I didn't. I told him he was ridiculous, that the theater was less than a mile away, that the traffic would make us late, that we wouldn't even be able to find a cab. Derek (have I mentioned how patient he is?) said something like okay, but why are you freaking out. I had no answer. I was freaking out and I tried to make amends but really there were no cabs and we were at the theater in 25 minutes. That left us plenty of time to be gouged.

We were to see "How to Train Your Dragon." It was $13 for a child, $14 for each adult. I spent $10 on water & popcorn. Derek spent $10 on curly fries (?) and Vitamin Water. And that's how we spent $97 going to two movies. Preposterous. I recommend anyone with more than 2 in their party pack their own snacks, and go before noon. Seriously, it is worth getting up an hour earlier.

The movie was great, all three of us thought so. I'm not giving anything away, but during the 2nd or 3rd to last scene, Derek & I looked at each as if to ask "woah, did they really do that?" They did and it worked. Afterward, we stopped to buy Derek proper protection from the wind. And then we hopped on a cable car.

Can you tell I was off this day? I didn't take a single a picture all morning.

We rode up to home, then walked to Lombard. I thought it would be something to get the kid's attention. But along the way, while Derek & I talked, Ty grew restless, tired and surly. Derek said he was probably hungry. I think he's actually lazy. I'm not saying it's his fault. Whenever I see a kid who is obese or rude or (in this case) lazy, I always blame the parents. That goes even if one of those parents are mine. Derek and I talked about that too. And finally we arrived.

Ty & Coit Tower.

Derek using his phone as his camera.

My brothers.

Derek felt compelled to climb a tree.

A woman came out of the house corresponding to the tree.
Derek told her "I'm a tourist."
She said "no worries" and called him a "tree-hugger."

It was downhill from there - literally. I was going to take them to Ghirardelli for ice cream. But the line was obnoxious and Derek said we did need real food first. So we went to Lori's Diner instead. Surly Ty - who likes to pose when the camera is on - is captured here in his true form. Again he was monosyllabic in his responses. Again he wasn't hungry. Again he just wanted to go home. And I tell you this presented a real challenge for me.

Let's say we ate, and he perked up, and the ice cream line was gone. Would it be right for me to give him ice cream even after he behaved like brat? Or do I use part of our one week together to punish him and try to teach him a lesson? He's old enough to know what he's doing and if he's hungry. If he tells me he's not hungry, I'd just as soon not feed him. But I think there are laws against that. And he's not my kid. In my frustration, I called my dad, who talked to Ty and got him to order. We ate and the world kept spinning.

"I think my face looks fat in this picture." Me
"Yeah it kinda does." Ty


We walked down to Aquatic Park again. This time it was Derek who wanted to dip his toes. I told him that water is a lot colder than he thought. He said he'd dip his whole foot. I didn't see it, but it seemed to me like maybe a toe went got wet. A guy sitting on the steps yelled "that doesn't count."

"What do you mean that doesn't count? You're sitting way over there."

Ty splashed a little too, but it was too cold to get as wet as he had the other day. We headed home. I introduced Derek to Trader Joes. He loved it. I think, as a vegetarian, he needs a place like TJ's. He agreed. We walked home and for once Ty was excited about it. We challenged Derek. Ty told him we had already walked the upcoming hills, and that we knew what was coming. Eventually Derek took a break. And while Ty laughed at him, he took a break too. It must have been refreshing, because they then raced to the top... and took another break.

Post race.

That night Jesse & Derek went out. They had a good time. Ty & I watched cartoons & went to bed. Perfection.

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