01 February 2010

Riviera Maya: Football

The mood changed after the wedding, for several reasons. I think for Ryan & Kelsee, the tough stuff had been done. Their crazy idea of having friends & family attend a wedding in Mexico had been a success. And everyone else who had come for the wedding was suddenly in Mexico with nothing to do. Not at all a bad place to be. So the morning after the wedding, we went to the beach.

Jesse frolicked and I entertained myself by counting mosquito bites. I would (after coming back to the states and attending a blood drive) learn I was at (a slight) risk for Malaria. Quintana Roo (where our resort resides) is not considered a "safe" place. Malaria never crossed my mind when preparing for this trip. Then again, neither did mosquitoes. I have to wait a year from the date of my return to donate blood. That's fine. I'm rejected every other time anyway. This will just save me a trip.

Living the dream

I also got intimate with my camera, playing with its settings in an attempt to get artistic results.

First in black & white...

...and then in high color.

I joined Jesse in the water for a little while, but the waves were abusive. He was still having fun but I felt like I was under attack, getting walloped by a salty foe with ninja-like skills. Eventually we went to the pool, where the water was cold and the hot tub was colder. We found the rest of the group there and after watching some ridiculous games and making a few trips to the swim up bar, the dudes hatched a plan.

All flotation devices were irreparably harmed during the making of this memory.

The group broke for dinner. Back in our room I found the housekeeper had put the rose petals I pilfered from the reception to use. She totally earned her tip, based on towel creatures alone. But there was little time to appreciate it all. We had a football game to watch. It's not every year the Vikings get close to going to the Super Bowl. And there was no way a mostly Midwestern contingent was going to miss the game that decided it all.

Food. Communication. Booze.

The karaoke bar was re purposed for Americans that day. There was a projection screen and popcorn, although we could not order food. We watched the game with Mexican announcers, who seemed to be really into it. I'd say there were easily 40 people there to watch. And that made me smile. It was the second time in my life I had been out of the country for a major football event. It's like an instinctual calling; "you'll find your compatriots waiting for you." There are few people who can say they watched the Vikings send the Saints to the Super Bowl from a resort in Mexico. We are among that group and that makes me feel special.

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